Demystifying Certifications & Standards

with our industry experts

Transparency in your production and communicating your ethics is more important in business than ever before. Certifications and standards are an excellent way of expressing a brand’s values to customers, but understanding and navigating them can be overwhelming. From “Which is the best one?” to “Are they necessary?”, there is a cataclysm of questions to answer before deciding the accredited materials you want to work with, what to ask of your suppliers and even whether you should consider becoming certified.

This Masterclass will equip you with the tools to decide whether certification is right for you and offer practical and impactful alternatives to certifications too.

  • Introduction to Certifications

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    Certification is a vast topic, so to kick us off, we take a look at the basics to give you an understanding of the fundamentals so you can make more informed decisions.

  • Choosing Certifications for Your Design Business

    with Paola Masperi

    Paola Masperi founded, Mayamiko, a fashion and lifestyle label that puts people and planet at the heart of everything they do. Mayamiko runs their workshop in Malawi, Eastern Africa, where they train and employ women from the community. With first-hand experience of becoming a certified brand, Paola has an incredible wealth of knowledge. Hear about the process Mayamiko went through to choose their certifications, the impact these have had on their business, and how other brands should approach the decision themselves.

  • Ethical Certifications Glossary

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    Two of the five factories that collapsed in 2014 were audited by the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI). In their own words, the BSCI was created to “provide companies with a practical and efficient system to improve social compliance in global supply chains.” The audits failed to identify the illegal structural issues that led to the collapse in two BSCI-registered buildings. The fact is, however, BSCI audits do not cover building safety at all. This is why it’s so essential to understand precisely what certifications and standards include.

    To give you a jump start, we’ve put together an incredible downloadable with over 40 of the most recognised standards. Whether you decide to purchase from a certified supplier or become certified yourself, this downloadable will help you to quickly identify the standards and certifications that are right for you.

  • Alternatives to Certifications with Sandra Capponi, Good on You

    with Sandra Capponi

    Today many organisations offer their own eco-rating systems. They take a holistic view of a company's impact. These platforms help brands and consumers to think about their choices in a more comprehensive manner, and vote with their purse. We had the privilege to chat with Sandra Capponi, Founder of the app, "Good on You."

  • How to Take Standards & Certifications Forward in your Business

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    A business of any size and in any sector can get certified. Use this downloadable guide to figure out the certifications that are right for you and your brand, discover the materials and manufacturers to look for and explore the first steps to certification and communicating your impact.


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