I'm not a fashion designer, does that matter? 

Not at all. Our Professional Members work across a range of fields: from fashion and accessory entrepreneurs building businesses of all sizes, to researchers, to costume designers, to consultants, to those just interested in learning more about sustainable and ethical fashion.  

I haven't launched my business yet, is Professional Membership for me?

Yes. Topics will include business planning, branding, fabric sourcing, building a social media presence and more. All of this is valuable to both a business that's just starting out, and a business that's been established for years.

I'm not based in the UK, does that matter?

Not at all. The fashion industry and production of garments involve a global network - and so does The Sustainable Fashion Collective. The information provided on the platform is applicable to businesses and people based internationally. We've welcomed guest experts and community members from the UK, USA, Nepal, Norway, France, Portugal, Australia, Thailand, India, Argentina, to name just a few... and this list grows daily. 

If I sign up, can I cancel at any time? 

Of course. Once you've signed up, payment is debited monthly, and you can choose to stop your payments and leave the collective at any point if your circumstances change or it just isn't for you.

Can I cancel if my business changes direction, or I can no longer afford the subscription?

Yes. Understandably circumstances change - and we saw that most profoundly during the brunt of Covid-19. You can halt your subscription to a specific future date, or cancel completely directly in your account. You won't be eligible to receive any new trial offers if you resubscribe, however, we're always open to providing support so don't hesitate to send an email to explain your situation.

I need help sourcing innovative materials - will the Professional Membership help me with that?

Yes. Founded by the brains behind Offset Warehouse, we're passionate about bringing smaller quantities of ethical and sustainable fabrics to our customers. As a Professional Member you'll hear from companies innovating in the responsible textile sphere, so you'll be able to get ahead of the game. We also offer a Member-only discount for Offset Warehouse, and often our experts will offer their own discounts. We also encourage members to come together to meet minimum order quantities together.

I'm a founder of a sustainable soft furnishings brand, so will the content focus on and most of the Members be in the fashion industry?

We started The Sustainable Fashion Collective with fashion designers in mind, but having said that, most of the advice caters to any creative who wants to build a brand sustainably: from setting up a business, to how to make more sustainable design choices, to marketing an eco brand, to responsible materials and how they're produced. At the core of the platform is a joint "eco" goal, and any industry is welcome.

Who else will I meet?

The Sustainable Fashion Collective attracts members from a range of backgrounds: fashion and accessory designers, entrepreneurs, lifestyle brand owners, researchers, costume designers, consultants, to those just interested in learning more about sustainable and ethical fashion. While we have a large community in the UK, particularly London, members are based globally.  

Am I able to use your platform to share my business?

Due to the reach we have, being a Professional Member of The Sustainable Fashion Collective is an authentic way to share who you are and your story. We offer the opportunity to present a 'Member Highlight' on our platform to other Members, and each month we'll highlight a Member's business on social media. We also provide our blog space to hold conversations, so if there is something you really want to chat about, then simply get in touch with us to show your interest. We also have the growing Facebook group solely for fashion business owners, so here you can share your business or chat with other founders.

What happens once I sign up?

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email to set up your login and password for The Sustainable Fashion Collective. If it doesn't land in your inbox, please check your junk mail and add the sender to your contacts to prevent any further emails heading there. If you choose to unsubscribe, you can still be a Professional Member, but you will miss out on our updates of all the new content, events and news.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are experiencing any problems: [email protected]
(this is the most direct and quickest route to contact us).

How do I access the full content?

Once you've registered and set up your password, you're then able to upgrade to a Professional Membership; The Sustainable Fashion Collective is a monthly subscription platform, with a recurring direct debit. This means that you can be based anywhere in the world, and still be able to be a Professional Member. Your monthly subscription will continue automatically once you have signed up, and payments will be deducted monthly on the same day - however, you can cancel anytime, and rejoin at any time.

Membership costs £31.50/month.
Get your first four months for the price of two (that's just £15.75 per month).

Head here to upgrade.

How do I cancel my Professional Membership?

You can cancel your Professional Membership at any time from your profile by going to "My Account" in the menu. Cancelling your recurring payment will deactivate your Membership, so you will no longer be able to log in to the site, no matter how long is left until your next due payment. You will then be downgraded to a free membership, meaning you can continue to access the blog, live Q&A's and lesson outlines, but not the full content. You can resubscribe at the normal monthly fee whenever you're ready.

See the full refunds and cancellation policy here.

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