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Our digital platform is accessible in full by a rolling monthly subscription. You can find our full refund and cancellation terms below.

We're on a mission - and we know you are too - to change the fashion industry for the better. 

The fashion industry is complex to navigate, so throw in sustainability and ethics and it becomes even more overwhelming. It's clear that the most effective way we can incite change is by working together. As part of, "The Sustainable Fashion Collective", we stand together as a united community of designers, brands and entrepreneurs dedicated to ethical and responsible practices. Membership to The Sustainable Fashion Collective is free and open for everyone to join.

Create your free profile and become a member of The Sustainable Fashion Collective.

In line with our vision of building the largest community of sustainable fashion designers and change-makers in the industry, all members of the industry and sewing community can join the collective for free. Free Members have access to News Articles and Live Events. We also offer a Professional Membership for creatives looking for guidance and expert advice on building an ethical design business.

Read on to find out more about our Professional Membership, and the refund and cancellation policy.

Professional Membership

Alongside Free Membership, we offer Professional Membership where ethical design entrepreneurs and responsible businesses can access monthly-refreshed resources, holistic guidance and expert advice. You can upgrade from a Free Membership to a Professional Membership at any time, and even downgrade as and when you need to also.

This is a monthly subscription-based Membership. You can cancel at any time.

Explore the hundreds of industry experts of The Sustainable Fashion Collective who have participated in exclusive MasterclassesTutorials and Events that you can enjoy as a Professional Member.

Head to our Testimonials page to find out what other Professional Members think of The Sustainable Fashion Collective. We have Members who are established brand owners, those just starting out, employees of a large company and the everyday person wanting simply to increase their knowledge.

Professional Membership of the Collective will give you access to valuable information:

How to cancel your Professional Membership

  1. You can cancel your Professional Membership at any time from your profile by going to "My Account" in the menu.
  2. Cancelling your recurring payment will deactivate your Membership, so you will no longer be able to log in to the site, no matter how long is left until your next due payment. We do not offer pro rata memberships.
  3. You will then be downgraded to a free membership, meaning you can continue to access the blog, live Q&A's and lesson outlines, but not the full content. You can resubscribe at the normal monthly fee whenever you're ready; email us on [email protected] for the direct resubscription link (you will not be eligible for any current or past offers).

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