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What's Included in Professional Membership?

Professional Members can access an online learning resource offering guidance for setting up, developing and growing creative businesses sustainably and responsibly. With advice, insight and direction from experts and brands at the forefront of the industry, month by month, designers become well-informed and responsible entrepreneurs.

Professional membership of The Collective will give you access to valuable information and resources from across the fashion industry updated monthly in the form of our Masterclasses, including:

Who are the experts?

Click here to explore the hundreds of industry experts of The Sustainable Fashion Collective who have participated in exclusive MasterclassesTutorials and Masterminds you can enjoy as a Professional Member.


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And it doesn't stop there; as a Professional Member, you will also have access to:


Each month we release a Masterclass on a different topic directly related to growing a sustainable business. For each masterclass, we've enlisted the help of one or more experts to record webinars that take you through all of the crucial information you need to know on that topic. We also include useful external links and downloadable resources, saving you hours trawling through the internet to find answers to your questions.

Whether you're an existing business, or looking to start a new venture, there will be a Masterclass that will suit the information you're seeking.

Past Masterclasses have included:

Live Q&A's from industry experts

We host a monthly live, online Q&A session with an industry expert, or experts as a panel discussion format. If you're not available for the live session, you can send your questions in advance, and watch the replay whenever suits you.

May Live Panel Discussion on Eco Underwear with The Underargument, Pantee Intimates and Bold Intimates


One of the best ways to learn, is from people who have been in your shoes. We've interviewed some inspirational brands and have got down to the nitty gritty - from how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, to setting up a pop-up shop, to getting featured in Vogue, to Waitrose becoming a first stockist!

Birdsong's Sophie Slater & Susanna Wen

Technical Tutorials

As well as providing you with business advice and holistic resources, it's essential that you're armed with all of the skills you need to create sustainable products that hold value with the user. But being sustainable can be a total minefield, which is why every month we cover a new topic from across the fashion and creative industries. Whether it's zero waste design, how wool is produced, or draping on the stand - there's something to be learnt from every tutorial.


These offer up a conversation on a specific issue within the Masterclass topic. There will always be a focus on holistic understanding so that you build up as many perspectives as possible, yet each lesson has a direction that will either give you the tools to try something out yourself, be better equipped to work on certain elements of your business, or boost your confidence with knowledge. And likely all of this! There will also be lessons that provide downloadables in the form of glossaries, templates, workbooks and toolkits.


We stay up to date with happenings across not only fashion, but craft, product design, architecture, material innovation and ecology. We share this with you via social media, but also tailored weekly newsletters. Three times a week you'll receive "Inspire" emails that will point you in the direction of Lessons suited to what's going on in the world, along with important news stories and any offers or events that we're hosting. We will send out our Masterclass newsletter on the 1st of every month so that you gain first access to everything we've been working on, and to help you straight away jot down in your calendar what you plan to watch, listen and read. Don't forget about the handy bookmark tool on our site!

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"It's so interesting to hear other brands talk about how they started. If you're feeling overwhelmed, you listen to the videos and it gives you ideas on what you can do too. "

"There's loads of information in the club that I'll just keep going back to!"

"...it's been incredibly helpful! There are some great people talking, and you've introduced us to new brands as well."

"To listen to masterclasses that start from the beginning, then you can double check that you've done all those things - that makes sense!"

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To become a Professional member and access the website, all you need to do is upgrade from a free member to a Professional Member just below. This is a monthly subscription platform, with a recurring direct debit. This means that you can be based anywhere in the world, and still be able to be a Professional Member. Your monthly subscription will continue automatically once you have signed up, and payments will be deducted monthly on the same day - however, you can cancel anytime, and rejoin at any time.

Membership costs £31.50/month. You can set up your recurring payment below. Get your first four months for the price of two (that's just £15.75 per month!)

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Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are experiencing any problems: [email protected] (this is the most direct and quickest route to contact us).

How to cancel your Professional Membership and downgrade to free membership

You can cancel your Professional Membership at any time from your profile by going to "My Account" in the menu. Cancelling your recurring payment will deactivate your Membership, so you will no longer be able to log in to the site on the date of your next due payment.

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