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Upcycling & The Circular Economy

with our industry experts
  • Charlie Bradley Ross
  • Josie Warden
  • Eleanor O'Leary
  • Elen Newcombe-Ling
  • David Courtney
  • Niccolò Cipriani
  • Xenia Sidorenko
  • Linda Thomas

Clothes production today is at crisis point – with between 80 to 100 billion garments manufactured each year and 15 million tons of used textile waste generated each year by the United States alone – the figures aren’t stacking up in favour of the planet. Designers, responding to calls to radically overhaul the fashion system, are embracing the principles of the circular economy, but if they are to generate impactful change, we’ll all have to get on board.In this Masterclass, we unpack the ci...

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