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Developing A Sustainable Footwear Brand

with our industry experts
  • Amanda Overs
  • Payson Muller
  • Rodrigo Lopes
  • Oritain
  • Philippe Holthuizen
  • Malin Ekengren
  • Sue Barrett
  • Niki Jessup
  • Nida Gonul
  • Joanna Hamer
  • Kyle Parsons
  • Stefan Mathys
  • Stephanie Steele
  • Kerry Senior
  • Alice Robinson
  • Collect ID

The footwear market is huge, and it does not just include fashion shoes. Think about all of the industries where different shoes are required (we cannot just have one pair each), and then consider all of the materials, components and tools necessary to construct a shoe. In 2019 alone, 24.9 billion pairs of shoes were manufactured globally. It is a complex part of the manufacturing sector, with approximately 150 processes per shoe, and around 30 different components, with each material, and of...

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