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Examining The Ethics And Sustainability Of Silk

with our industry experts
  • Stephanie Steele
  • Lora Nikolaeva
  • Eva Power
  • Dr. Matias Langer
  • Hilmond Hui
  • Chul Thai Silk
  • Madhulika Choudhary
  • Rajaiah Kusuma

For this Masterclass we are diving into varying perspectives that should help uncover and examine what ethical and sustainable silk means for you. We hear from traditional sericulturalists, handcraft textile producers, and organic and regenerative farms, and provide you with case studies of those who have done the research to solidify their actions.Silk as a fibre and fabric accounts for only 0.1% of global fibre production, with 109,111 tonnes of the stuff being produced in 2020, in comparis...

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