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Launching A Sustainable Textile Homewares Label

with our industry experts
  • Arantza Vilas
  • Cassie Quinn
  • Aurélie Fontan
  • ao textiles
  • Eileen Mockus
  • Gary Cliffe
  • I Dress Myself
  • Ruth Lawrenson
  • Maud Lerayer
  • Sarah Blackham
  • Lorna Singleton
  • Mark Raymond
  • Rodrigo Lopes

New opportunities are emerging for the homewares, soft furnishing, interiors and upholstery sector as we reconsider the value of our living spaces. With an increase in the housing rental market, a shift in the way we work, and an overall increase in our disposable income (*in developed nations), there is a growing demand for products to aid in our everyday wellbeing and sharing of individual style - beyond that of fashion.Fashion labels have been making a move towards separate homewares lines...

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