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Understanding Responsible Wool Production

with our industry experts
  • Stephanie Steele
  • Martin Brambley
  • Jen Hunter
  • Babs Behan
  • Benjamin Itter
  • Mandar Jayawant
  • Valina Bowman-Burns
  • Becca Rawlings
  • Shankar Dhakshinamoorthy
  • Edzard van der Wyck

Wool is one of the oldest fibres out there, used in clothing production for millennia and loved for its softness and warmth, properties that have come to be synonymous with luxury and comfort. It's also incredibly durable, lightweight and can be easily made waterproof, which has seen it hold its own in the performance wear market even up against synthetics and innovative materials in recent years.However, the ethical and animal welfare issues associated with sheep farming have downgraded it a...

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