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Demystifying Cotton Fibres

with our industry experts
  • Maveen Pereira
  • Aneel Kumar Ambavaram
  • Joelcio Carvalho
  • Santi Mallorqui Gou
  • Primrose Matheson
  • Charlie Bradley Ross
  • Giannis Tzortzis
  • Stephanie Steele

Cotton is one of the oldest fabrics to be used by mankind and today it remains at the very heart of our textiles and fashion industries, accounting for approximately 26% of all fibre used in the textiles sector. It has a global and highly complex supply chain, with 350 billion people relying on cotton as a source of income [Forum for the Future]. With such high stakes in terms of environmental and social impact, it’s crucial that we do all we can to make cotton as earth and people friendly as...

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