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Working With Sustainable Cellulosic Fibres

with our industry experts
  • Paola Masperi
  • Jenny Hulme
  • Ricardo Garay
  • Mery Díez Herbosa
  • Jenny Fredricsdotter
  • Stephanie Steele
  • Maria Cuji
  • Aalto University
  • Simone Seisl

Man-made cellulosic fibres such as viscose, lyocell and modal are produced from natural materials and are a mainstay of the fashion industry today, providing what looks to be a viable sustainable alternative to harmful synthetic fabrics. This is on the condition, of course, that the wood pulp used to make the fibres is not from forests at risk of deforestation and harmful chemicals are not being used in processing and finishing. Likewise with cotton, another cellulosic fibre is perceived to b...

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