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Legal Documents & Requirements for Small Fashion Businesses

with our industry experts
  • Robecca Davey - Marks & Clerk
  • David Fyfield
  • Rachel Cook
  • Young Women's Trust
  • Oritain
  • Collect ID
  • Jessi Baker
  • Martha Silcott
  • Martina Spetlova
  • Victoria Jenkins
  • Sandra Capponi
  • Paola Masperi
  • Julia Gaydina
  • Sarah Blackham
  • TSG Consulting
  • Alice Hyllstam

The legalities of running a business are overwhelming; there's no denying it. If you're unsure what to implement in your business, this Masterclass will walk you through the legal considerations you need to make whether you're pre-launch or fully fledged. We cover everything from Intellectual Property and counterfeiting to modern slavery and equal employment opportunities, due diligence in materials testing, requirements for shipping, developing contracts for your workforce and supply chain, ...

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