What Is The Sustainable Fashion Collective?

Holistic guidance and expert advice for budding and established fashion brands, designers and creative entrepreneurs.

We're on a mission to change the fashion & textile industry for the better. 

The design industry is complex to navigate, so throw in sustainability and ethics and it becomes even more overwhelming. The Sustainable Fashion Collective is an online learning resource offering strategies for developing ethical fashion and textile products and setting up and growing creative businesses sustainably and responsibly. 

Learning & Sourcing: With advice, insight and guidance from experts and brands at the forefront of the design industry, month-by-month, Professional Members of The Sustainable Fashion Collective become well-informed and responsible creatives and entrepreneurs. From sustainable fabric sourcing matrixes, to responsible manufacturing checklists, to how to naturally dye - we've got you covered. Check out our full range of Masterclasses here.

Sorting Fact from Fiction: Navigating sustainability can feel impossible with opinions from unverified sources contradicting each other. The Sustainable Fashion Collective cuts through the noise and separates fact from fiction by going to the source of the information. Hear from the very researchers uncovering just how exploitative and damaging the industry is, and listen to the inspiring experts, innovators and creatives behind the revolutionary solutions to these global problems. And, not only do you hear from these experts, but you also have the opportunity to ask them questions in our monthly live webinars and Q&As.

Community: It's clear that the most effective way we can incite change is by working together. As part of, "The Sustainable Fashion Collective", we stand together as a united community of designers, brands and entrepreneurs dedicated to ethical and responsible practices. 

Who is The Sustainable Fashion Collective for?

How did we start?

"No entrepreneur should ever struggle to develop their business ethically".

I'm Charlie Bradley Ross. In 2011, I founded the ethical textiles company, Offset Warehouse. Borne from my frustrations as a menswear designer not being able to produce designs sustainably, Offset Warehouse was one of the first retail fabric companies to exclusively sell ethical fabrics - those that don't harm the people or the planet. I had no background in business, but muddled through and, today, I'm honoured to say that we've graced the pages and screens of leading news outlets from Vogue to ITV News, working with some of the biggest brands in the world. You may not have realised, but you've seen our fabrics walk the red carpet, on runways across multiple Fashion Weeks and in blockbuster movies. I'm proof that you can create a business built on sustainability and ethics.

My core belief is that no entrepreneur should ever struggle to develop their business ethically. Over the years, I've worked with brands, both big and small - and one thing that I consistently noticed was the confusion surrounding working ethically in the fashion industry.  As well as this, I know, first hand, how hard growing a business is without fundamental business knowledge - when I launched Offset Warehouse, I didn't even know what a profit and loss sheet was or how to work out margins!  Like me, hopefully, you're lucky enough to have spent the majority of your time doing what you love most - being creative - but that won't have left much time for understanding the inner workings of launching and growing a business.  So, to combat the lack of information around both ethical production and launching a responsible business, in September 2017, we launched The Sustainable Fashion Collective - an online members' club filled with resources and information to help your business grow and succeed both responsibly and ethically. Today, the Collective is a resource library filled with incredible, valuable information from global experts, innovators and entrepreneurs, that you can access anytime, as well as a support network of other designers and business owners.

We're not just for fashion brands...

From the moment we launched, as we welcomed global members from an astonishing array of backgrounds, it became clear that the hunger to understand responsible practices and processes in the fashion and textiles industry extended far beyond fashion entrepreneurs. Members hail from around the world and include sewing bloggers, lifestyle brands, bricks and mortar stores, researchers, design students, home sewers - the list goes on and on.  You can hear from some of our Professional Members on our Testimonials page.

Become a Free Member

Membership to The Sustainable Fashion Collective is free and open for everyone to join. Free Membership offers access to News Articles and Live Events. There's nothing to pay and no obligations for being a Free Member. We also offer a paid Professional Membership for creatives looking for more in-depth guidance and expert advice on building an ethical design business (find out more about Professional Membership here).

Once you sign up as a free member, we'll email you to introduce you to what we do, and you'll receive our weekly emails filled with the latest information and news from the sustainable design sector. 

Professional Membership

Alongside Free Membership, we offer Professional Membership where ethical design entrepreneurs and responsible businesses around the world can access monthly-refreshed resources, holistic guidance and expert advice. You can upgrade from a Free Membership to a Professional Membership at any time, and even downgrade as you need to also.

Find out more about Professional Membership here

Upgrade to Professional Membership:

Once you've registered as a Free Member, you'll then be able to upgrade to Professional Membership. Log in and use the blue "Upgrade to Professional Membership" button below or on the "Upgrade" page to set up your recurring payment and access Professional Member content and benefits.

Membership costs £31.50/month. Get your first four months for the price of two (that's just £15.75 per month!)

Your monthly subscription will continue automatically once you have signed up, and payments will be deducted monthly on the same day. You can cancel anytime and rejoin at any time. Find our full refunds and cancellation policy here. Find our full Terms and Conditions here.

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"When I first joined, I breathed this huge sigh of relief. This is somewhere with real advice from real people".

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