We think that The Sustainable Fashion Collective is the best source of first-hand information and expertise on sustainability and design business out there - but don't just take our word for it! Here's a collection of comments and video testimonials from members explaining the value they find in The Sustainable Fashion Collective.

"I signed up because I saw how much great content the collective had and I haven't been disappointed! The platform is packed with great resources and valuable information."

"I especially love the Masterclasses they give out each month where you get pro tips and resources from experts on different topics."

"It has really helped me get the broader knowledge around how you successfully can run a sustainable fashion brand and I sincerely recommend it to everyone who is starting or running a clothing brand."

Maja Stabel, Maja Stabel

"I’m glad I joined the Collective as there is a wealth of resources that is priceless. I even wish I had more hours in the day to be able to read everything and watch all the Masterclasses. What you guys do is amazing."

"My favourite aspect is being able to have a one stop shop to learn about everything sustainable but also meet likeminded professionals in the industry."

"I’m also part of the Mastermind group where a few start-ups share various issues in their journey and help each other, all hosted by Charlie Bradley Ross. It’s a great platform to brainstorm, get out of my internal discussions that don’t go anywhere. Sometimes you need a pair of fresh eyes."

Kat Vandal, Vandal Kids

Read the conversation with Kat over on our blog.

"I am a maker to my core, and The Sustainable Fashion Collective has really helped me get to grips with the business side of creating a business. It's worth its weight in gold."

Amy Jones, The Art Wear Emporium

"When I first joined.. I breathed this huge sigh of relief. This is somewhere with real advice from real people."

"My experience in the world of entrepreneurship and fashion is that there's a lot of fluff and chat... when what you really need is genuine advice that's structured and in line with the ethics and ethos of what you're trying to do as a business. That's what I find incredible... [The Sustainable Fashion Collective] combines the two, and [the advice] is real and hugely hugely helpful"

"So often you can watch other talks which are great if you're a massive brand with an unlimited resource, but the talks are very focussed, methodical and tangible, which is just what you need at this stage."

"I recommend [the Sustainable Fashion Collective] all the time..." 

- Rachel Carvell-Spedding, Navygrey

"It's really good value for money for designers and startups... One of the best sources. Honestly."

"I recommend you to other designers I meet along the way."

- Olga Bagautdinova, I'mdividual

"For me, it's been absolutely invaluable..."

- Rebecca Dallimore, Scintilla

"The sharing of the resources - that's brilliant. You have to really dig for it if you're just looking for it yourself."

"I love to hear other peoples stories about running businesses... especially how from the outside it always looks so good, but on the inside it's such hard work."

- Caroline Akselson, Selkie Patterns

"I love all the different aspects to starting a new sustainable business and I really appreciate being able to listen to experts in so many fields share their knowledge".

- Martine de la Harpe, Dream Africa Co. Sustainable Scarves

"The Sustainable Fashion Collective is packed full of really useful information on production, sourcing, designing and so much more. I learned about parts of the industry I knew nothing about and heard about exciting possibilities for future textile production."

"This is such an amazing resource for anyone looking to find out more about the ethical side of the fashion industry and how, together, we can make a difference."

- Gillian, Worthy Design Studio

"The best members club so far! I've signed up to a few and only The Sustainable Fashion Collective offers value for money - with lots of advice, masterclasses, networking events etc. They are amazing!"

- Olga 

"...it's the BEST members club! I'm a fashion design student and I find it absolutely inspiring and so helpful. So thank you!"

- Svetla Kibarska

"The Sustainable Fashion Collective has provided me with loads of information, tools, resources, tips, links and "pointers" in the right direction for creating a sustainable business. It has saved me hours of internet search time! It has helped me with the theory, such as how to create the right business model, and then shown me the real-life examples of others who are running their own sustainable businesses and making it work. It's so inspiring and motivating to see and hear from others who have made their sustainable businesses work in today's fast fashion environment. Charlie doesn't hide information or only give a glimpse, she is truly generous with sharing information, which is so valuable and refreshing. The members club has helped me to believe that my business idea is possible!"

- Kate

“I’ve been learning so many new facts! I didn’t know fashion was the second most polluting industry – which makes the business I’m building even more important”.

"I find it hard to find information and like-minded people who are interested in sustainability, and all of the videos have been really informative and exactly what I've been looking for."

"After a lifetime appreciation for handbags, I decided last year to create my own handbag brand - I knew that I didn't want it to be a mass produced item from a factory abroad that I would never see. I came across The Sustainable Fashion Collective and Green Is The New Black networking events shortly after I started to look for eco-friendly materials. Since then, I have learnt so much about the fashion industry and how damaging it is to the environment. As a novice of the fashion industry, and former shopaholic, I was completely unaware! By going to the networking events and joining the live webinars, I have learnt what it takes to build an ethical brand and have been inspired by the fellow ethical businesses who have been featured. Knowing that there are other brands out there, who are successful and are making a difference, made me more determined to get out there and get started." 

- Belinda Ring

"Charlie has created a ton of wonderful content from her tutorials to interviews with experts in the fashion industry. I would recommend this course to anyone getting started on running their own fashion label".

- Connie Howes

"The wealth and depth of information on The Sustainable Fashion Collective is incredible and I totally recommend being part of the Collective. What I really have loved is there's so much technical information to accompany 'how to's,' and it really demystifies how a lot of the industry works. It's also great and really helpful to hear firsthand how other people work, challenges they've had and how they've worked through it. Especially love all the videos around textile dyeing and production too. I've only scratched the surface but it's really worthwhile."

- Katrina Wilde, Katrina Wilde

“Marketing sustainable fashion is a slightly different trick so it’s really nice to see hands-on experience and I love hearing about other childrenswear brands that are sustainable […] it’s really nice to hear from your peers.”

- Julia Gaydina, Infantium Victoria

Watch the full lesson from Julia and partner Dinie van den Heuvel.

“I love being a member of The Sustainable Fashion Collective, for the reason that you learn from reliable sources - which is essential as there is so much information out there on the web.”

- Emma Brown, Denim Star®

"I love the combination of 'been there, done that' anecdotal personal information around starting a sustainably-minded business, with the hard business science and practical information to make it happen."

- Dawn Fleur Charman

The Sustainable Fashion Collective offers so much information for inspiring a designer and/or maker to get their business to be sustainable and in tune with the planet and those on it. 

- Jane Gonin, Bespoke Costumes and Gowns

The SFC is an abundant fountain of clear, nourishing expert knowledge and a welcoming, supportive and collaborative community.
It is sure to propel forward any conscious business aligned with these values.

-Nicola Hopkins, Bold Intimates