Autumn Winter 2022 Fashion and Product Trends: Pure Origin

Autumn Winter 2022 Fashion and Product Trends: Pure Origin

Stephanie Steele Monday, 22 March 2021

This year, Pure Origin trade show brought Hyve Fashion Together, a small series of webinars with a key focus on materials and colour trends, popular topics from the year and of course the show with its exhibitor list.

In this article we share the two trend stories - one from Pantone, and the other from Trend Atelier. The overarching theme running through all trend reports for the entire year of 2022 is one of embracing positivity. There is a direction towards responsible production across all sectors, partly from an affect of the pandemic on shifting mindsets, and partly because of an increase in available processes and technologies.

No matter what product category you are working on, these AW22 trend reports should be key.

Embracing Positivity Through Colour - Pantoneview colour trends AW21/22 from Laurie Pressman, VP Pantone Color Institute

Key theme: A new order

Audrey Louise Reynolds - PMA “positive mental attitude” highlights the natural dyes colour story.

Natural dyes even in activewear = "new naturals" - following on from the food industry, this is rooted in a revive for respect for nature. Self-sustaining quietly confident colours, contemporary neutrals, mineral tones.

Look for simplicity and clarity. Turning to information sources that we trust.

Key theme: Rewilding

  • Making is scavenged.
  • Primitive living, washed out, worn out, vegetal dyes, raw and calming.
  • Vintage lives on - how can we curate stories? A challenge in reinventing old materials.
  • Connection to brand heritage and roots.
  • Both intellectual and aesthetic developments, with brands like Miu Miu and Levi’s doing reworking and take back.
  • Contradictory collaborations - common techniques are reinvented.
  • Hybrid hues - positivity.
  • Youthful and fearless - positive awakening.
  • Increase in gaming - alleviates and redirects energy into something uplifting.
  • Amplifying monochromatic colour palettes in new ways.

“Creativity is the most sustainable resource”.

Key colour updates

  • Pink = always a favourite, true red for political activism and courage
  • Orange = sweet and sour, strong singular statement, or accent and acts as link between red and pastel, natural and passionate
  • Yellow = calm and subtle, bolt of energising bright yellow
  • Brown = wood-inspired, patina, polished feel
  • Blue = soft, winter sky blue to future-enhanced deep blues
  • Green = fairytale, oxygenation, kelp forests
  • Purple = real and spiritual
  • White = snow white is clean and hygienic, and bone white is soft and organic, evocative of "natural"
  • Black = texture is a key ingredient this season
  • Grey = infused with metallics, blue edge, a subtle calming influence
  • Taupe = green and yellow hued, scientific neutrality, vintage technology

Colour palettes

Odyssey - calm, celestial, fresh with glittery navy for a futuristic element, protective and technical, 3D, supports ergonomic silhouettes and engineered lines

Talisman - ageless hues, artisanal and delicate, past history and futuristic projects, earthy olives with elegant primordial colours, expressive primitivism, powerful goddesses inspired by organic materials: precious, wood, metals

Totem - spice and rustic, intimacy from blushes and orchids, luxe and sensual minimal shaping, shiny and plasticised, transparent surfaces

Votive - elemental materiality, contemplation, authenticity over excess, practical functional, honesty, preloved and reworked, mending, ethical and thoughtful approach

Shapeshifters - pastel expands imagination with dramatic futurist contrasts, pale green and cool grey is less playful more serious, scientific architectural, structure, dramatic curves, odd proportions, statement of the future in the combination of familiar and unknown

Custodian - warm and earthy, mystical, teals add watery element, woodland greens, ochre imagines a kelp rewilding with a vegetal or mossy appearance, layered, shaggy, oxidised matte and shine

Ritual - playful, intense, multi-coloured harmonies are chaotic, wide applications of colour, saturated and blunt, gold and silver metallics, artisan and technical to make multi-inclusive

Legendary - transition to spring, historic, patina

Colour of the year

Started in 1999 to engage the design community into conversation on colour, draw attention to culture and connection with colour.

Colour selection process involves looking at: where are they? what’s happening? This year was less familiar but life went on.

Ultimate grey and Illuminating (yellow) - how different messages come together, it’s about more than "one", a message of strength and hopefulness. Visually noticeable message in product design but also in the home - cabinetry involving pop colours. The office speaks of enlightenment and intellectual insight. Trusted colour is a foundation of familiarity.

Magazines focussed on colour: Viewpoint and Textile View

How to forecast in a crisis and create a more resilient business model, from Trend Atelier's Geraldine Wharry

Fashion Futurist and founder of Trend Atelier, Geraldine Wharry goes through the key macro-trends impacting the industry today. Aimed at arming you with vital knowledge to innovate in your business, these methodologies in trend forecasting can be applied to your own business to ensure you are prepared for the future.

Find the full presentation here.


  • Biggest innovation is willingness to unlearn
  • Anthropogenic mass is bigger than biomass -
  • A need for social justice, living space, community - urgency to care for the planet, re-evaluation of planetary resources
  • Transition design is an approach into systems-thinking i.e. reselling, adapting, doughnut economy
  • Reclaiming culture - "Sweatpants Forever" by Irina Aleksander
  • Creativity of fashion = rewilding, but of urban environments too
  • Fashion Act Now article "Why TRENDS Are Your Friend" by Geraldine Wharry


  • Efficiency: artists Agnieska Kurant, architect Nery Oxman, Opencell London
  • Waste is beautiful: microbes, Katie Treggiden "Wasted: When Trash Becomes Treasure"
  • Next level digital: blockchain
  • Wellness first: Nike's hands-free Go Flyease trainers = not just for comfort but fun and performance too / biometrics, utilitarian quality of fashion ... Wellness Co "you-centred wellness clinic" shows that wellness is worth $4.75trillion (UK £23billion)
  • Digital wellness: Aebeze Laboratories digital nutrition, meditation, workspace wellness in home


  • The Clock Of The Long Now by Stewart Brand (founding board member of the Long Now Foundation) - fast and slow-moving pace layers = robust and adaptable civilisation. From fast to slow, the levels are: fashion/art as fastest pace with other layers being commerce, infrastructure, governance, culture, nature. "In a healthy society each level is allowed to operate at its own pace, safely sustained by the slower levels below and kept invigorated by the livelier levels above."
  • "Defuturing The Image Of The Future" by Andrew Blauvelt - "exposing the failings of the systems that have been created to perpetuate the status quo"
  • Contactless tech: selling survival, design for distance, safe to touch - “Are we designing our biological and psychological demise by cancelling touch out of our lives”
  • AI and privacy: could backfire as citizen awareness emerges of how we are being stepped over
  • Fashion as media: "When fashion brands become media, the rules change" by High Snobiety on the Gucci fashion festival = is this just adding to our fatigue?
Image credit: Forest Simon on Unsplash


Learn how to move away from seasonal trends towards macro trends and societal shifts. Shift from mindset of obsession with the new. The school and mission aims to teach creatives how to harness future forecasting in order to change outdated systems and re-invent the world.

Challenge for your team:

  1. Put a member of your team in charge of a specific area e.g. arts and media, tech and wellness.
  2. Meet each week and discuss findings.
  3. Give 5 impactful articles per week.
  4. After 2 weeks collate the findings and bring together key themes.
  5. Create a report or deliverable format.
  6. Do it at least twice a year.
  7. Create a 1-2 year strategy.


If you're interested in learning more about trend, and how relevant this still is to a responsible and sustainably-minded business, find our full Masterclass: Trends And Trend Forecasting For Sustainable Businesses

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