How To Manufacture Products Responsibly

with our industry experts

There’s a huge learning curve when it comes to the world of production - and even more so when you also want to produce ethically. Figuring out the lingo, becoming familiar with the processes and systems, and understanding the way things work, are all absolute musts if you want to avoid mistakes, headaches, and mishaps. We've dedicated this Masterclass to help you navigate through this mammoth of a task, with clear, step-by-step instructions on how you can work your way to a responsible, transparent production process. 

In this Masterclass you'll learn:

  • Introduction to Ethical Manufacturing

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    As you’ll soon see, this Masterclass is absolutely packed with tips on manufacturing. We explore international vs domestic production, critical codes of practice, how to set up a supply chain, the production schedule, reserving production space and communicating with factories and manufacturers and loads more. Of course, being The Members’ Club, we want to focus on the environmental and social impact of manufacturing, so in this three-part video, I’ll be talking you through some things to think about when you are producing your products.

  • Manufacturing with Low Environmental Impact

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    In this video, we highlight ways you can consider the environmental impact of your design production, from more eco-friendly design techniques to how your design studio could be greener. 

    For additional tips on your working environment, check out Jen Gale's advice for making your office more eco-friendly too.

  • Socially Responsible Manufacturing

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    In this video, we discuss some of the key issues surrounding workforce and manufacturing and how to ensure the people in your supply chain are safe, respected and happy.

  • Manufacturing 101 with

    with Dessy Tsolova

    We couldn't think of a better fit than Dessy Tsolova, the founder of, to take us through the fundamentals of Manufacturing. is a global B2B online fashion-manufacturing marketplace connecting fashion entrepreneurs to industry specialists like manufacturers, suppliers and experts. With over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, Dessy noticed a lack of transparency in the sector. She also saw the difficulties that many entrepreneurs and small brands experienced turning the simplest of ideas into a product - and all of the time and money they were wasting! The lack of information and dysfunctionality in the industry was something that she couldn't ignore, and so she decided to do something about it and founded

  • Working Responsibly with Manufacturers and Agents

    with Maeve Wadge

    Maeve Wadge has a wealth of experience in garment production, with a comprehensive knowledge of ethical and sustainable supply routes. Her company, Sourcing Sustainably, offers a range of services to support international businesses sourcing apparel from South Asia. From conception, through design and into bulk production, Maeve and her team can guide you through each stage of the process to ensure you receive a high-quality product from a supply chain you can be proud of. In this video, Maeve discusses the benefits of working with an agency and also has brilliant, unique advice on manufacturing ethically.

  • Working with a Fairtrade Manufacturing Unit

    with Corban Bryant

    Now we've covered all of the critical elements to manufacturing products in a more sustainable and responsibly, we talk to a Fairtrade certified unit, Purnaa, to hear their tips on working with factories that have been socially accredited and how you can become certified too.

  • Interview with Know The Origin

    with Charlotte Instone

    We’re delighted to interview "rocket man" Charlotte Instone, founder of Know The Origin, a clothing brand, fully traceable from seed to garment. They treat their manufacturers and suppliers fairly and use ethical fabrics. Charlotte’s passion shines through her business, and what she has built is truly inspiring. Listen to her invaluable knowledge and tips for creating a transparent business model.

  • Interview with Juta Shoes


    We couldn't be more thrilled that the brilliant Joanna Hamer, co-founder and co-director of Juta Shoes joined us for our London Networking Event. Juta Shoes is a social enterprise based in East London that supports, trains and employs women who face barriers to work, to make their bespoke reclaimed leather espadrilles and teach their sustainable crafts workshops. You may remember Juta Shoes as we mentioned them in our Masterclass Branding a Sustainable Business, as an exemplary ethical business with a social mission. Juta Shoes is also a brilliant example of how manufacturing on a smaller scale can have a huge impact. Joanna was a 2016 Year Here fellow, and we're delighted to share some of her invaluable insight and gems of advice.

  • Social Enterprises & Measuring Your Impact

    with Kat Luckock

    Are you a social entrepreneur delivering incredible social or environmental impact but struggling to get your voice heard, fretting over what to measure and not quite sure how to communicate your story to the world? Your social impact is too significant to go unnoticed. Kat Luckock, the founder of Share Impact, shares her knowledge of social enterprises and why it's so important not just to measure your impact too.



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