Fashion Revolution: Fashion Transparency Index

Fashion Revolution: Fashion Transparency Index

Delphine Williot Saturday, 1 January 2022

In this 40 minute panel discussion, hear insight from Fashion Revolution's Policy and Research Coordinator, Delphine Williot. We discover what the Fashion Transparency Index from not-for-profit organisation Fashion Revolution is, and how fashion brands cooperate (or not) with the development of an open, accountable industry, along with some findings from the 2021 report. Delphine also enlightens us with updates from the recent COP26. She imparts advice on how you as a fashion business owner should communicate and liaise with both suppliers and customers to build an ethical, transparent supply chain. Questions from the audience spark conversation surrounding deadstock, being sustainable while managing pricing, and campaigning for a tax on plastic.

This was recorded as part of a live networking event in London, November 17th 2021. We apologise for the background noise, and encourage you to utilise the takeaways below to obtain all of Delphine's imparted knowledge.

In this Interview you will learn:

  • Who Fashion Revolution are, and their key campaigns
  • What the Fashion Transparency Index is, and who it is for
  • Findings from the 2021 report, including advice on how brands should navigate transparency themselves
  • What transparency has to do with the climate crisis, and how to communicate your views
  • What certifications you as a fashion designer should use or avoid, in relation to its transparency
  • How to sustainably use deadstock, synthetic fabrics and recycled materials

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