Manufacturing Responsible Accessories And Leathergoods

Manufacturing Responsible Accessories And Leathergoods

with our industry experts

Whether you want your fashion accessory line to consist of big and bold, collectable statement pieces, or practical, easy-to-coordinate essentials, there are ethical manufacturing options open to all. There are more materials out there than ever before for designers and brands seeking alternatives to animal leathers, virgin plastic components, or polyester and nylon fabrics, which meet even the high demands of performance for accessories that are crucial to securing brand loyalty and creating long-lasting products.  

Often the affordable entry point for many brands, an accessories line can also be a sound business decision for existing labels who are seeking to expand their customer base and attract new clientele. 

In this Masterclass, we explore what makes an ethically manufactured accessory, through bags, hats, socks, tights, belts, and more. We present your options for sourcing sustainable and ethical materials and trims. And we speak to designers and brands already applying these methods about their journeys, the ups and downs, their successes and challenges, and the learnings they want to pass on to anyone setting out to create ethical fashion accessories.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Ethical Trims & Haberdashery Matrix

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    We're delighted to present this list of eco-friendly trims and haberdashery suppliers. Please read and respect the terms of use before contacting these producers.

  • How To Build A Uniform And Merchandise Collection

    with Katie Young Gerald

    The manufacturing of durable, comfortable and attractive uniforms is important to all hospitality businesses and for those that place luxury front and center of their brand image, it's absolutely essential. For Katie Young Gerald, these factors can all be achieved through premium quality fabrics and attention to detail, particularly when it comes to the heritage of a brand and the people that make it what it is today.

    Katie's business, Bespoke Textiles, has been designing and supplying uniforms and merchandise to hospitality brands for over 10 years. Her book, The Textile Touch, is a number one bestseller and has helped businesses translate their brand style into 'textile touch points'. In this video, we chat to her about her experience working with some of the top brands in the industry, how to develop uniform and merchandise collections and what makes good branding beyond just the logo.

  • Using Accessories To Nurture Creativity While Increasing Your Audience

    with Valentina Karellas

    Though perhaps seen as "extras" to a fashion collection, knitted accessories are an essential part of seasonal gift-giving. Here we learn how these small accessible products help to nurture creativity and provide an additional stream of sustainable conversation, with London-based knitwear designer-maker Valentina Karellas.



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