Alice Robinson: Connecting Food, Farming And Fashion

Alice Robinson: Connecting Food, Farming And Fashion

Alice Robinson Monday, 1 March 2021

Materials researcher and designer Alice Robinson's work focuses on the UK meat industry and how it is inherently connected to the manufacture of leather products. Her Royal College of Art graduate collection Sheep 11458 and a separate collection Bullock 374 created for the Victoria and Albert Museum's Food: Bigger than the Plate exhibition, both used only one animal for each, making use of every part to ensure nothing was wasted in terms of the materials and the meat.

In this Interview, learn about traceability within the leather industry and how Alice's leather production processes and fashion collections support agriculture, rather than standing separate from it.  

In this video you'll learn:

  • About the different leather tanning types and their applications
  • What the challenges are around working with full traceability in the leather industry today
  • How Alice is implementing a Fibreshed model for her leather production process
  • How Alice is seeking to 'share but not shock' with her message while raising awareness of the connections between the leather and meat industries

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