Cubitts: The Spectacle Makers Reframing Waste

Cubitts: The Spectacle Makers Reframing Waste

Tom Broughton Sunday, 1 December 2019

Changing perceptions of waste materials and throwaway habits is core to the strategy of modern spectacle brand Cubitts. For the past two years, founder Tom Broughton and his team have been developing the concept of sustainable eyewear. They recently launched a new collection, “Redux”, with frames made from wool, potato and plastic waste among others,

In this interview, we chatted to Tom about consumer perceptions of waste, what it’s like to work with innovative materials and how he sees the future of the industry.

In this video you'll learn:

  • what spectacle makers Cubitts are doing to change the eyewear industry for the better
  • the materials they have explored to manufacture frames from
  • about the current consumer appetite for waste materials - and the materials they are not so keen on!
  • about the testing that goes into developing new materials to use in frames
  • how circularity can be achieved at a variety of levels in business

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