Reshoring: Local Manufacturing and Raw Materials

Reshoring: Local Manufacturing and Raw Materials

with our industry experts

There have long been many misconceptions around manufacturing locally - that it is extortionately more expensive than offshoring, and that factories are both few and far between, and challenging to find. However, more and more frequently, brands are starting to notice the benefits of manufacturing locally and are bringing their production back to where they are based.

In this Masterclass we look at the difficulties some brands may face with local manufacturing, bust some myths about the downsides of producing locally, and help guide you to find the best manufacturers for you. We also look at how to source raw materials locally, and the numerous upsides to this.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • Manufacturing Locally - The Pros and Cons, and Best Practices

    with Kate Hills

    Kate Hills is the Founder of Make it British & Make it British Live.

    Kate launched the website in 2011 to encourage more people to buy British and make in the UK. Since then, the platform has become the go-to for news, reports and interviews about British-made products.

    In 2014, Kate launched "Make it British Live!" which is a unique trade show that prides itself on being the only sourcing event exclusively showcasing British manufacturers and producers.

  • How to Work with Local Manufacturers and Use it to Boost Your Business

    with Simon Middleton

    Simon Middleton is the founder of the Shackleton brand and a new menswear business, Blackshore. Simon left Shackleton in September 2016, supposedly with early retirement in mind, but got restless and dreamt up a new made-in-Britain menswear brand, called Blackshore. He is also the author of three books, including Build a Brand in 30 Days. Simon runs us through working with local manufacturers, and the importance of telling the story.

  • Managing the Higher Cost of Manufacturing Locally

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    Is it really cheaper to manufacture overseas? Often, companies jump into 'cheap' manufacturing overseas, without considering the myriad of hidden costs, and the difficulties this may pose to quality assurance. Here, we discuss the various benefits of reshoring your production in regards to price and quality control.

  • Sourcing Local Raw Materials

    with Laura Sansone

    Laura Sansone is a textile designer, activist, and consultant. She is the creator of Textile Lab, a design and consulting company that supports environmentally responsible textile methods, and regional systems of production. Laura is currently an Assistant Professor of Textiles at Parsons The New School For Design. She has developed initiatives that bring NY designers and farmers together to create products that have social and environmental value. Textile Lab’s NYS Regional Textile Initiative is a collection of locally sourced and produced yarns and textiles. It links apparel, product and interior designers to the regional network of farms and fibre processing mills; including spinning, weaving and knitting. This initiative is recognised internationally as a significant economic revitalisation effort on the East Coast of the US. Also, she has designed woven textiles for the following companies: Maharam, New York, NYAmerican Silk Mills, New York, NY and Burlington House Fabrics, New York, NY.

    In this video, we discuss the launch of the New York State Regional Yarn SourceBook which, as the name suggests, promotes yarns and fibres from New York State farms. It’s both a reference book for design professionals to source materials and a means to connect farmers, mills and designers in a single resource.

  • How to Find Local Manufacturers

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    Finding a manufacturer can be difficult, especially when trying to find one locally that fits your needs. It takes a lot of research and investigation to find a producer that will manufacture your type of product and in the minimums that work for you, and then more time to form a relationship with one. And after all that, they may decide that you’re not the right fit for them!

    In this video, we'll explore the different ways to begin your search for local manufacturers, to get you off to a flying start.

  • Manufacturing In-House and Made-To-Order

    with Paris Hodson

    This is a 23 minute interview with Paris Hodson, founder of womenswear brand STALF. Named after her grandparents, Stella and Alf, Paris established STALF out of a frustration with how disconnected the fashion industry is. Based in the Lincolnshire Wolds in the UK, they make all of their items to order - by hand in the traditional factory sense. Here, we talk to Paris about growing Stalf, how they established their business model, and overcoming some of the challenges she has faced with her business.



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