How To Build A Sustainable Business Model

with our industry experts

This Masterclass is all about Sustainable Business Models: the foundation of any successful, ethical company - and in fact, should be the basis of any business for it to bring solutions, profit and pleasure to the world. A sustainable business is about creating a profitable venture with longevity, that doesn’t require exploitation of people or resources.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • Sustainability and Business

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    In this video, you'll receive an overview of the key issues surrounding people and the planet and how that relates to the bottom line of an organisation. We’ll also look at vision and opportunity in successful businesses - and how we can turn that into a force for good.

  • Building A Brand Around You

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    If you don't build a brand that you love, chances are, it won't be sustainable because it simply won't have the longevity it needs. This video, "Building A Brand Around You" is all about understanding your personal values and how they align to your business idea, and how you can start to build a business strategy with a purpose.

  • The Fundamentals of Business

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    The fundamentals of business will take a more in-depth look at things that will affect your business model and strategies: so determining your business’ target market, start-up costs, understanding the assets and capital of your business

  • Different Types Of Sustainable Business Models

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    Examples of business models will explore different types of business models you can adopt, that you might not have thought about or come across before, that could really change the course of your business journey and have a huge impact on your growth. We'll also cover what competitors are out there and what they're up to.

  • How to Write a Business Plan

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    Now that you've explored the potential of sustainable business models, you'll have a good idea of the impactful business you want to build. It's time to construct the perfect business plan.

    Most importantly, a sustainable business model is about defining what success means to you and what you value. Is success offering work to artisan makers who would otherwise be in poverty? Is it sourcing and using materials that may have otherwise gone to landfill? Yes, you need a profit to survive and grow, but what else is important to you in your business plan?

    You now have all of the elements to put together an incredible business plan - and if you’ve not yet listened to our In Conversation with Shilpa Bilimoria video, she says herself, when she began her first business she wasn’t 'about business plans', but in hindsight, her business started to take a route that her heart wasn’t in and if she had learnt about funding and investment and really looked at how she truly wanted to scale her business, maybe she’d be in a different place.

    Creating a sustainable brand may seem overwhelming at first. But an approach, where your goal is to create a product that does as little harm as possible by not cutting corners and staying true to the cause is realistic! Not only will you be proud of what you create, but over time, it will bring you the profits you and your business deserve.



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