Birdsong: An inspiring social enterprise with painting dinner lady producers

Sophie Slater Thursday, 31 August 2017

What motivates you to challenge the status quo? What’s upsetting you about the industry at the moment? When Sophie Slater co-founded Birdsong, she came from a background of activism, and having worked on the shop floor of American Apparel, she realised first-hand what she didn’t want the brands she shopped from to look like.

In this video you'll learn:

  • About Birdsong and who they are
  • The sustainability and ethos of their business (which stands out from miles away!)
  • Their incredible passion for supporting their makers and a bit about all of the producers they work with
  • The sustainable fibres and criteria they think about when choosing fabrics
  • How Sophie and her co-founder came to build a business around their values
  • How the brand is working to change the way shoppers think, encouraging them to stop spending frivolously on lots of items they aren’t totally in love with and so aren’t going to keep, but instead slowing down, saving up that money to buy something a bit more expensive that they love and they’ll cherish forever
  • About their "no photoshop" approach to photoshoots.
  • How they found the amazing makers they work with and the challenges they faced.
  • Working in a partnership and advice for other partnerships
  • The business journey and how they grew
  • What the very first business plan looked like and if it has changed much from the initial vision
  • How Birdsong approached funding and tips for crowdfunding
  • Discovering their target customers and how they keep them engaged
  • The best routes to market and how they get in front of their target market

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