10 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

10 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Listen To

Stephanie Steele Sunday, 24 October 2021

As an entrepreneur, you obviously want to hear inspiring stories that will reassure you of your path. Diving into podcasts is a great method of research that will bring to light competitors and help you understand your audience or where new markets could be for your product or service. They easily slot into your everyday life - making dinner, any time you go for a walk or run - and let's be honest, you're never shutting off from your business anyway. Listening to a podcast can provide you answers without having to do the search yourself, so making the time can actually be classed as work.

Here we provide you with 10 of our favourite. These ones have been and continue to be illuminating, honest, varied in sectors, and importantly, entertaining.

Thumbnail image: C.D.X. on Unsplash

Courier Weekly

No longer being produced, but there is a super back catalogue of the podcast from the Courier Media team. These entrepreneurs' stories bring to light honest journeys from vision to outcome, and the challenges and successes along the way. It is a wonderful place to look to understand how your product or service can either branch out or stick to a niche, because generally, the entrepreneurs here have taken a frankly unusual idea and made it scalable.

You've also got the full script so you can also read.

You'll also want to check out the bonus Courier Workshop, a podcast that explains key business topics in order to help you work better. Each episode takes a deep-dive into one essential concept - such as press coverage, customer support and pay equity - and unpacks it. They define terms, share the experiences of experts and founders, and point you in the direction of useful tools. If you do like to sit down and read, then their weekly newsletter puts all of this down on your screen.

The Circular Economy Show from Ellen Macarthur Foundation

As it suggests, this is about circularity in business and beyond. The Circular Economy Show is a fortnightly discussion and debate around how we can move from a linear take-make-waste economy towards a circular economy. They are generally bite size episodes, and do not necessarily take a view of timeline meaning you can select without thinking too much about it. In each episode, the hosts are joined by inspiring businesses, policymakers, academics, and designers to discuss how circular economy solutions are being scaled, at speed, to tackle global challenges and benefit business, society, and the environment.

The Ellen Macarthur Foundation have also got a great YouTube channel that pinpoints key issues in short lessons.

Wannabe Greener

Led by Harriet Robinson, Wannabe Greener is quite an all round sustainable lifestyle show that may just help you understand your potential audience.

Ctrl Alt Delete

Led by writer Emma Gannon, Ctrl Alt Delete is an award-winning podcast about work, wellbeing and creativity, and mostly with female entrepreneurs as guests. Taking the time out to listen will make you feel less alone, building confidence rather than overwhelm.

If you scroll down, there's also recommendations from Emma on other podcasts to tune into.

DO Lectures

Cool stories about people making change. The DO Lectures are not just design-focussed, so can be a place to head to in order to confirm that the soution you created does have a place in the world. You'll tune into stories from well-known people, and cover topics more to do with survival than on creating stuff.

Other day

Led by Jodi Muter-Hamilton, a fashion graduate and swimwear brand owner, Other day provides entrepreneurial stories that have integrity (previously known as Black Neon Digital). As the Strategy and Communications Director for Fashion Roundtable too, Jodi ensures that this podcast delivers insight into big business, local manufacturing, the digital space and fashion activism.

Front Row To Front Bench

Leading think-tank and advocates for the fashion industry, Fashion Roundtable, launched their podcast Front Row To Front Bench to speak to the diverse voices of the fashion industry they work with, including policymakers, parliamentarians, NGO's and charity organisations who all come together to create long-term, inclusive, sector growth.

Spirit of 608

Spirit Of 608 is a media strategy and fashion business podcast that is embedded more in the innovation and materials sphere. The host, Lorraine Sanders, is tech savvy, on it with marketing jargon, and through the episodes builds up the practical advice garnered from each entrepreneur.

Wardrobe Crisis

Pretty essential to understand how faster and luxury fashion can change not just the industry, but livelihoods. With 6 seasons, Wardrobe Crisis, hosted and researched by Clare Press, is a mammoth podcast to tune into. What we would recommend is not choosing an episode based on whether you think the title is relevant to you, but dive in from the beginning. You will recognise and appreciate how the industry has changed over the years, and listen to stories and issues that you may not have opened yourself up to otherwise.

What's also handy, is the show notes found on the podcast website. So everything you listen to, all that research, can be taken it through reading (let's be honest, there is always a chance we get distracted when making space for ourselves).

Ethical Hour Changemaker Chats

Ethical Hour tells the stories from the frontline of impact entrepreneurship. As host Sian says,

"Changemakers come in many different forms, but ultimately are united by one thing - the desire to leave the world a better place."

Again it is no longer updated, but there is an archive of episodes with shownotes. Great host, honest stories.

If you would like to join a ocmmunity of responsible changemakers, our educational platform The Sustainable Fashion Collective® will give you the stories AND the practical guidance to recognise where you can implement change. Join now.