Introduction to Systems & Implementation with Kat Soper, The Helpful Brand

Introduction to Systems & Implementation with Kat Soper, The Helpful Brand

Kat Soper Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Kat Soper is a systems strategist, trainer, and coach. Through her two companies, The Helpful Brand, and The Helpful Academy, Kat helps businesses fulfil their business plan, maximise their efficiency and profit by teaching them how to implement what she's coined, "SMART" systems. In this video, Kat takes us through this very process, so that you can save time, a lot of stress and money, make it easy to scale your operations and have a team in place to take over the tasks you don't want to do.

In this video you'll learn:

  • What "operations and systems" are and why you need them.
  • The eight fundamental business processes that every business should have.
  • How to apply these eight fundamentals to your business.
  • What makes a SMART system (scalable, measurable, affordable, realistic and teachable).
  • How the five levels of business & SMART systems work together
  • The five steps to doing a complete systems audit on your business (+ downloadable).

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