Technology and Systems To Maximise Sustainability and Profitability

with our industry experts

Sustained profitability depends on efficiency. Efficient and streamlined businesses save time and stress, will increase revenue while reducing expenses, and are infinitely easier to scale. You can't become productive during a crisis (though of course we tried during the coronavirus pandemic), so it's imperative that you start to implement systems into your business from the get-go.

But it's not just about your bottom line; using technology can also help you to make your production more environmentally responsible. In this Masterclass, discover the systems, technology, and ideas you can implement to both 'green' your business and save the pennies. We also look at some fashion businesses that are successfully using tech as their key focus.

In this Masterclass you will learn:

  • Introduction to Systems & Implementation with Kat Soper, The Helpful Brand

    with Kat Soper

    Kat Soper is a systems strategist, trainer, and coach. Through her two companies, The Helpful Brand, and The Helpful Academy, Kat helps businesses fulfil their business plan, maximise their efficiency and profit by teaching them how to implement what she's coined, "SMART" systems. In this video, Kat takes us through this very process, so that you can save time, a lot of stress and money, make it easy to scale your operations and have a team in place to take over the tasks you don't want to do.

  • Direct to Consumer Business Strategy & Implementation

    with Nataliya Makulova

    If you are trying to make sense of the interface between technology and your business, Nataliya Makulova can answer all your questions. Nataliya is a fashion-tech and sustainability consultant. As the founder of Balanced Fashion, her consulting agency, she plugs into the latest trends in fashion and technology. On top of an already impressive resume, she takes her obligation to care for the planet seriously and encourage ethical business practices. Nataliya helps businesses determine whether they can use existing technology for their problems or whether the company needs to develop a product solution from the ground up.

    Don’t let the tech world intimidate you; the following three videos will provide you with the tools you need to use technology in your business successfully.

  • How To Use Technology To Boost Direct-to-Consumer Sales for a Fashion Brand

    with Nataliya Makulova

    Efficient and streamlined businesses not only save time and stress but will help you increase revenue while reducing expenses. In this session, learn how to embrace technology to start maximising sales.

  • How to Use Technology Tools to Automate and Streamline Operations

    with Nataliya Makulova

    We get to the nitty-gritty of tech tools and showcase a wide range of the applications, software and programs you can use to make daily tasks more efficient, so you have time for the more fun things in your design business.

  • How to Maximise Productivity with Clare Evans

    with Clare Evans

    Clare Evans is an expert in time management. Whether you have one or one hundred customers, your customer should always be your priority. It's essential to anticipate the demands on your time that will increase as your business grows. The advice given by Clare could be your secret weapon to assess your organisation and improve planning. 

    Clare leverages her experience as a time management and productivity coach to maximise your time. Having been featured in The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Times, BBC, and Men’s and Women’s Health, Clare coaches, chairs workshops, and has authored the book ‘Time Management for Dummies.’ Just as countless people have benefitted from her teachings, now you'll have the tools to evaluate your practices and make meaningful changes too.

  • Interview with Ivana Ojukwoo, See Fashion

    with Ivana Ojukwoo

    The incredible Ivana Ojukoo joined us to share some of her amazing insight into setting up her tech company, and her top tips for growing and streamlining a cash-hungry business. Ivana is the co-founder and COO of See Fashion which has not only been nominated as a FUTR Retail Tech Top 50 Start Up, but Ivana herself was also one of the 2017 “Women Who Tech” Finalists!

  • Interview with Zoe Partridge, Wear The Walk

    with Zoe Partridge

    Zoe Partridge the founder of Wear The Walk, the ultimate revolving wardrobe, shares the story of how she came to set up her revolutionary platform. Wear The Walk provide an endless library of women's clothing, enabling customers to access to hundreds of luxury items from the best independent and sustainable designers, to rent, buy and swap, whenever suits them.

    "My overarching mission is to completely transform the way we're consuming fashion." - Zoe Partridge, Wear The Walk.



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