Success in E-commerce with Connie di Gennaro, Wolf & Badger

Success in E-commerce with Connie di Gennaro, Wolf & Badger

Connie di Gennaro Thursday, 1 March 2018

As a business that has grown exponentially since their launch in 2010, Wolf & Badger have made their name in the e-commerce space selling sustainable, independent brands. In this video, their Chief Commercial Officer, Connie Di Gennaro discusses all the elements that make a fantastic online shopping experience.

In this Lesson, you will learn:

  • What buyers look for in a brand
  • How to get restocked by a shop and retain your customers
  • The key ingredients to a great shopping experience
  • How to write a killer product description
  • What to do if something isn't selling
  • How to upsell a product
  • Tips and tricks for e-commerce photography
  • How to increase sales in low buying seasons
  • How to have a sale without damaging your brand reputation
  • Common mistakes to avoid & words of wisdom in e-commerce

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