Mastering Your Online Presence

Mastering Your Online Presence

with our industry experts

An incredible, inviting online presence your audience can find, respond to and ultimately purchase from is an absolute must. Whether you're selling a product or a service or raising awareness about your brand, your website is the window to you and a reflection of your brand. In this Masterclass, discover how to present your brand in the best light and start getting your name out there. We're talking SEO, lead funnels, product photography, excellent copy and tons more!

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Introduction to Mastering Your Online Presence

    with Charlie Bradley Ross

    In this video, we introduce the topic of raising your brand profile and mastering your online presence. Your website is the window to your brand and may well be your only method of generating sales, so it's essential that you make a great first impression, hold onto your customers and convert as many visitors as you can. We've also put together a checklist of the critical things to consider when building your website.

  • Success in E-commerce with Connie di Gennaro, Wolf & Badger

    with Connie di Gennaro

    As a business that has grown exponentially since their launch in 2010, Wolf & Badger have made their name in the e-commerce space selling sustainable, independent brands. In this video, their Chief Commercial Officer, Connie Di Gennaro discusses all the elements that make a fantastic online shopping experience.

  • How To Write Compelling Copy

    with Tom Hunt

    Tom Hunt has vast experience in running and growing online businesses - from an e-commerce fashion brand to an online marketplace, to tech businesses, and more - the key to his many business successes is undoubtedly his incredible marketing skills. Learn the exact technique Tom uses to write copy to influence his customer, using the power of authority, community and... Aida.

  • Growing A Business Online Vs Virtual

    with Rawan Maki

    Rawan Maki began her career in the corporate world. She couldn’t bear the fast consumerism so prevalent in her hometown, Bahrain and the Arab world. There didn't seem to be any consciousness about a product's environmental or social impact. So in 2017, she pursued her passion and launched her womenswear brand, Rawan Maki, to introduce the Arab world to sustainability.

    She quickly received a lot of interest. Showing her collection at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, she was featured in not one but two Vogue publications. As a brand strategy, she initially focused on e-commerce sales but soon realised that e-commerce customers had a very different need. Find out what she discovered (and also how she got covered in Voguely... twice!)

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    with James Bradley Ross

    James Bradley is a serial entrepreneur and tech wizard. We were so thrilled to interview him and what started as a fantastic insight into Search Engine Optimisation, soon ended up down a rabbit hole of lead funnels, conversions, black hats and long tails! Confused? You soon won't be.

  • SEO: How understanding search engines can boost your fashion business

    with James Taylor

    You've probably heard the phrase SEO thrown into conversations around marketing, digital content, copywriting, and other online elements of business. But do you know what search engine optimisation really is and how it can improve your business performance?

    In this lesson, SEO expert James Taylor explains how small fashion brands can harness the power of SEO to help them rank higher on search engines like Google. So if you've ever dreamed of seeing your brand at the top of the search page, this is for you.


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