How to Use Technology to Streamline Your Operations

How to Use Technology to Streamline Your Operations

Nataliya Makulova Tuesday, 3 May 2022

One of the most vital steps you can take before considering business growth is scalability. And for scalability, efficiency in operations is critical. 

The benefits of streamlining processes and workflows are manifold, from freeing up time, improving cost-efficiency, increasing productivity, improving communications and minimising your risk.

A process has been streamlined when it has been simplified. This simplification process is usually achieved by removing complex or unnecessary steps. There are several ways to streamline a process that includes various approaches and modern business information technology platforms that help organisations thrive.

For this lesson, we highlight a past video from fashion tech consultant Natalie Makulova. She talks us through a wide range of the applications, software and programs you can use to make daily tasks more efficient. 

For a deep dive into maximising efficiency in your business, head to the Masterclass "Technology and Systems To Maximise Sustainability and Profitability".

In this video, you'll learn:

  • Pros and cons of using Excel and Google Docs
  • Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Project management tools
  • Order management tools
  • Sales management tools
  • Customer service tools
  • HR tools
  • Handy downloadable of the time-saving apps mentioned

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