Visual Merchandising Trade Shows & Fashion Shows

Visual Merchandising Trade Shows & Fashion Shows

Jade Maria Burrowes Thursday, 1 February 2018

With a background in visual merchandising and having worked for one of Britain’s most famous multi-channel department stores, Jade Maria Burrowes is an expert on the fundamentals of visual merchandising. She also has first-hand experience of organising fashion shows - we couldn't be in better hands for this Masterclass in visual merchandising trade events and fashion shows.

In this video you will learn:

  • What a trade show is.
  • What a fashion show is.
  • The difference between a trade show and a fashion show.
  • If you should show at a trade or fashion show.
  • How to decide what shows would be valuable to you and how to approach them.
  • What buyers are looking for.
  • The pitfalls of selling to trade – payment terms, discounts and "sale or return"
  • What you'll need at a trade show - (sales kit, etc)
  • Effective visual merchandising for a trade show.

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