Getting started: Planning for a successful sustainable activewear label

Getting started: Planning for a successful sustainable activewear label

Vicki Wallis Wednesday, 1 April 2020

The activewear market is booming. Whether we're talking high-performance gear or just athleisure, the trend for comfortable, durable and stylish sportswear has sky-rocketed in recent years. If you're looking to launch your own sustainable activewear brand into this competitive marketplace, doing your research and having a strong understanding of your target customer is crucial. In this video, fashion consultant Vicki Wallis, talks through the key areas you need to think about before you create your business plan.

In this video you'll learn:

  • How new activewear brands can approach the highly competitive and lucrative activewear market
  • How to tailor your product and your marketing strategy for your target customer
  • The different aspects of sustainability that relate to activewear brands
  • How to carry out competitor research and how to use it in your strategy
  • What to include in your initial plan for a new  activewear brand

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    Fabric is always an important decision in the clothing design process - but in the design of activewear, fabric choice is absolutely crucial to building a good reputation in the market for brilliant performance during sports and leisure activities. Fabrics need to be comfortable, durable, easy to care for, waterproof... the list is endless - and entirely depends on your target customer's demands. Add to this the need to be sustainable and you have quite the challenge on your hands!

    Nevertheless, sustainable and high-performance activewear is achievable. In this video, we look at the options available to businesses, the key considerations for selecting and sourcing fabrics and the background to the sustainable activewear fabric technologies on the market right now.