Starting a Sustainable Activewear Label

Starting a Sustainable Activewear Label

with our industry experts

For designers and entrepreneurs approaching the activewear market, there are a huge range of opportunities to choose from. From performance running gear, extreme sportswear, yogawear, to sports bras, each market comes with its own set of challenges and considerations. But sustainability remains one of the biggest.

However, there are opportunities for new and existing brands to change the way the industry operates. Synthetic fabrics made from petrochemicals are being traded for recycled ocean waste, innovative technologies in waterproofing and odour-resistance are replacing toxic chemicals, and multi-function garments are being embraced by designers as activewear starts to clean up its act.

Through easy-to-follow steps, fashion consultant Vicki Wallis is here to share her expertise for anyone looking to launch their own sustainable activewear label. This Masterclass covers everything from building a 360-degree view of your target customer, to sourcing sustainable performance fabrics, to the key considerations for designing an activewear collection that is environmentally conscious.

In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Getting started: Planning for a successful sustainable activewear label

    with Vicki Wallis

    The activewear market is booming. Whether we're talking high-performance gear or just athleisure, the trend for comfortable, durable and stylish sportswear has sky-rocketed in recent years. If you're looking to launch your own sustainable activewear brand into this competitive marketplace, doing your research and having a strong understanding of your target customer is crucial. In this video, fashion consultant Vicki Wallis, talks through the key areas you need to think about before you create your business plan.

  • Working with Sustainable Activewear Fabrics

    with Vicki Wallis

    Fabric is always an important decision in the clothing design process - but in the design of activewear, fabric choice is absolutely crucial to building a good reputation in the market for brilliant performance during sports and leisure activities. Fabrics need to be comfortable, durable, easy to care for, waterproof... the list is endless - and entirely depends on your target customer's demands. Add to this the need to be sustainable and you have quite the challenge on your hands!

    Nevertheless, sustainable and high-performance activewear is achievable. In this video, we look at the options available to businesses, the key considerations for selecting and sourcing fabrics and the background to the sustainable activewear fabric technologies on the market right now.

  • How to Design Sustainable Activewear

    with Vicki Wallis

    How do you go about designing a collection of activewear that not only minimises impact on the environment and meets the technical requirements of activewear, but also impresses your customers with its durability, functionality and comfort? Sounds like a tall order? 

    In this video, we look at the three key considerations to take into account when designing sustainable activewear that will ensure you meet this criteria.



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