Sustainable Swimwear: How to be competitive in a crowded market

Vicki Wallis Saturday, 1 February 2020

The global swim market is booming and is set to be valued at over £22bn by the year 2024; there are more startups entering this space than in any other area of fashion. Therefore, it’s a must for your brand to have something specific that makes you stand out in a crowd. Even sustainability alone is no longer a USP because there are so many sustainable swim brands out there already. New brands need to take more time and care researching their marketing strategies before making business decisions. 

In this lesson, Vicki Wallis addresses the ways businesses can use marketing to differentiate their brand, which is crucial in the overcrowded swimwear market.

In this video you'll learn:

  • Why a killer marketing strategy is a must to stand out in the swimwear market
  • How to approach your marketing strategy to build meaningful relationships and make sales
  • About content marketing and how to optimise it for your brand
  • Swim-specific examples of content marketing that you can adapt

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