How To Manage Your Online Presence And Stand Out

How To Manage Your Online Presence And Stand Out

The SFC Team Friday, 1 April 2022

Managing your online presence can be daunting, particularly for brands that are more used to selling in a brick and mortar shop than online. However, leveraging your online presence is one of the most powerful ways to increase sales - if done correctly! This Lesson will help you uncover how your online presence can support sales and build a reputable brand with longevity.

As always, we are joined by guest experts to bring real-life advice, including renowned bloggers Francesca Willow and Holly Rose, social media guru Sam Burgess, and tech wizard James Bradley.

In this Lesson, you will learn:

  • What your 'online presence' is
  • How to create strong content that will ensure engagement 
  • How to stand out among the competition
  • Why blogging is essential for businesses
  • About using Instagram as a selling tool
  • What Search Engine Optimisation is and how to utilise it to your advantage

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    A key element of keeping your business on track is retaining those customers you have already worked so hard to claim. So understanding the best approaches to customer service is one way to build trust, maintain loyalty, and increase your positive reputation. Customer service covers everything from before a customer chooses to shop with you to the procedures after they have long since shopped - and especially for a sustainable brand, you want to know that the effort in developing a kind product has not (literally) gone to waste.

    In this Lesson then, we address customer service methods, including customer support, tack back schemes, loyalty programs, and repair services. We have case studies from brands implementing these top practices, including MUD Jeans denim brand, online marketplace Staiy, and footwear brand VYN.ONE. Plus additional resources for further guidance.