Harness the power of using words deliberately with strategic copywriter Sabine Harnau

Harness the power of using words deliberately with strategic copywriter Sabine Harnau

Sabine Harnau Tuesday, 12 November 2019

If you struggle to communicate your values through commercial copywriting, you're not alone. Writing for your own business is one of the hardest things you can master - especially when it requires such a quiet space and clear frame of mind. Learning to master commercial copywriting is absolutely worth the effort if you want to connect authentically and confidently with your audience of conscious fashion lovers.

In this Live Q&A, you'll have the opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the copywriting secrets that will help resonate with your tribe. You'll be able to let your values shine through while avoiding common pitfalls like greenwashing and preaching. Whether you want to refresh your marketing materials, welcome new audiences with a compelling email campaign or nail your product descriptions with on-message, accurate copy, this event is a one-off opportunity to learn from an industry expert.

But why is this so important?

In this time where brands are questioned daily about their motives, and their status as "sustainable" is nitpicked, it is good practice to learn from the get-go how to be authentic with your copy and image - you really don't want your values and hard work to be let down by not using the correct wording.

Sabine Harnau is a bilingual strategic copywriter, copy coach and trainer, specialising in ethical and responsible communication. A former copywriting lead at LEGO Group, and Communications Manager at a London Agency, she then started her own business From Scratch Communications in 2017 so that she could work exclusively with purpose-driven brands.

Ahead of this event, make sure you watch our Copywriting Masterclass in which Sabine covers the fundamentals of this topic. Come ready with your questions and Sabine will answer them during the Live Q&A!

Feel free to ask Sabine anything about:

  • Website copywriting 
  • Planning campaigns and launches
  • Writing email copy
  • Brand voice and tone
  • ...or any questions that came up for you during the Masterclass!

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