Technical Considerations For Surface Pattern Design

Technical Considerations For Surface Pattern Design

ao textiles Wednesday, 1 December 2021

A 21 minute Technical Tutorial from ao textiles, that takes you through the exciting prospects when using natural colour for textile surface design. The team behind the studio - Karen Spurgin, Penny Walsh and Emma D'Arcey - with their bundle of expertise introduce you to stitching and printing techniques that can support a unique product, while utilising waste or found ingredients, and subsequently sustaining local livelihoods. Karen and Emma also introduce their respective projects in the heritage and conservation of barkcloth, and research of scaling agricultural waste for natural colour.

There is a part one, with additional technical considerations on using natural colour at scale, with a focus on homewares and furnishing fabrics. Find that here.

In this Technical Tutorial you will learn:

  • How "surface pattern design" and "surface design" are defined
  • Considerations for using natural colour for embroidery
  • Eco printing methods, and opportunities for engaging business models
  • What mordant and pigment printing are, and the challenges with them
  • Utilising natural colour for marbling and painting
  • The historical and ecological conservation of bark cloth
  • Utilising agricultural waste for natural colour
  • The benefits of natural colour within a regenerative food and fibre farming system

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