Sustainable Denim Production

Sustainable Denim Production

Charlie Bradley Ross Friday, 1 February 2019

Charlie Bradley Ross, founder of Offset Warehouse and The Sustainable Fashion Collective, acted as moderator for this panel discussion around Sustainable Denim at the trade show Fashion SVP in London in 2019. Here, panel members discuss the negative impacts of denim production, the move towards sustainable production, and how we can encourage this.

“...a pair of jeans, the most polluting item in our wardrobes from an environmental and social standpoint.”
- Fashion Revolution

Guest panel

  • Emily Evans, founder and head designer of British-based brand Zola Amour.
  • Mohiuddin Ahmed, Director of Badsha Textiles Ltd in Bangladesh, the parent company of Pioneer Denim
  • Uraz Batur of SARP Jeans, part of Demirisik from Turkey

In this video you'll learn:

  • The negative impacts of denim manufacture.
  • How manufacturers are responding to the demands for more sustainable denim production.
  • What is driving this move towards sustainability?
  • The pros and the cons.
  • Emerging low-impact technologies in denim.

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