Oceanworks: Recovered Ocean Plastics

Oceanworks: Recovered Ocean Plastics

Charlie Bradley Ross Sunday, 1 April 2018

Plastic pollution is an enormous, global issue. With one garbage truck of rubbish being disposed of into rivers, oceans and lands every minute, it still astounds me how few consumers and businesses are aware of, or even care about the issue. Thanks to global campaigns like David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet II”, there has been a sudden wave in consumer awareness. As shoppers begin to question and ultimately refuse the single-use plastic they are presented with by corporates, the fight against plastic pollution becomes easier.

Thankfully, there are companies out there on a mission to solve this problem. Rob Ianelli is founder and CEO of Oceanworks. Oceanworks source, design and manufacture ocean plastic into finished goods including… haberdashery!

In this video, you'll learn:

  • About the plastic pollution problem.
  • The process from a plastic bag in the ocean to the raw material.
  • How to verify the plastic used is reclaimed from the ocean.
  • How Oceanworks help socially as well as environmentally.
  • About the challenges of selling recycling plastic.
  • What you can make with reclaimed plastics.
  • If you can blend plastic polymers.
  • Why people don't use 100% post-consumer HDPE.
  • If there are zip and trims made from recycled consumer HDPE.
  • How designers can begin incorporating recycled plastic into their businesses.

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