Fabrics: Wild Rubber from the Amazon

Fabrics: Wild Rubber from the Amazon

Flavia Amadeu Sunday, 1 July 2018

The Amazon rainforest is the only place in the world where rubber trees grow wild. In the depth of the rainforest, families of rubber tappers each cover 500 hectares on foot, collecting the sap of the trees which can be productive for over 50 years, to make into latex-based products, primarily rubber. These rubber tappers are considered "guardians of the rainforest".

Flavia Amadeu uses her business to both empower these guardians and surrounding local communities while helping to preserve the rainforest.

In this video we dive into:

  • What wild rubber is and why it's eco-friendly and socially beneficial.
  • How wild rubber is made by "tapping" trees.
  • How to maintain rubber and prevent it from oxidising.
  • Scaling up artisanal production of wild rubber.
  • Working with supermodels.
  • Overcoming the challenges of working with smaller producers with limited communications and resources.

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