Agraloop™: Producing and Working with BioFibres

Agraloop™: Producing and Working with BioFibres

Ricardo Garay Friday, 1 May 2020

In this Technical Tutorial, guest expert Ricardo Garay the Project Co-Ordinator for the Agraloop™ arm of the materials science company Circular Systems, joins us to explain what Agraloop™ is, how it is challenging the circular fashion system, and how you as a designer or brand can utilise its fascinating waste food-crop fibre.

In this video you'll learn:

  • About how Circular Systems was founded and the guiding principles of the company
  • About the Agraloop™ technology and the circular principles behind it
  • How Agraloop™ holds the potential to benefit both farming and fashion
  • The difference between Agraloop™ bio fibres and man-made cellulosic materials
  • How Agraloop™ technology can be scaled and how it can be used by local farming communities around the world
  • About the finished fabrics created with Agraloop™ fibres and how to access them as a designer

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