Challenges and Opportunities for Recycled Wool Textiles in the UK

Challenges and Opportunities for Recycled Wool Textiles in the UK

John Parkinson Monday, 4 January 2021

We spoke with Dr. John Parkinson, founder of Yorkshire-based wool recycling facility 'iinouiio' to learn about how the UK woollen recycling textile trade has changed over the last 50 years, and both the challenges and opportunities in revitalising this industry onshore. This is a two-part Lesson, with part one in the Technical Tutorials looking at the processing and history of this fantastic trade.

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In this video you'll learn:

  • About the history of textile recycling in the UK
  • How iinouiio is working to revive the woollen textile recycling industry using their industry heritage
  • What the challenges are in reclaiming woollen yarns from pre- and post-consumer feedstocks
  • About the considerations in reclaiming different fibres for manufacturing recycled textiles
  • What makes post-consumer textile waste so difficult to recycle
  • How recycled textile fibres compare to virgin fibres, in terms of processing and their environmental impact

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