Sustainable Chemical Dyes, Archroma

Sustainable Chemical Dyes, Archroma

Paul Cowell Saturday, 1 September 2018

This is an in-depth 30 minute Lesson from specialty chemicals company Archroma. They are focussed on providing sustainable solutions for the textiles, paper, packaging, adhesives and sealants industries. It is their aim to be the world’s most sustainable speciality chemical company - and wow are they doing some seriously amazing stuff! From halving the amount of water needed to dye a t-shirt, to creating a recipe book of over 4000 colours using responsible ingredients - we could not have had asked for a better introduction to the world of sustainable dyes on an industrial scale.

In this Lesson you will learn:

  • The ethical issues surrounding dyeing practices
  • Why brands are changing their dye processes to be more responsible
  • Consumer awareness of the issues
  • About Greenpeace's roadmap to zero
  • How large brands can begin to clean up their dyeing and finishing processes
  • A few of Archroma's most exciting developments

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