Surface Pattern Decoration with Kimberley Wilson of Mellow Ground

Surface Pattern Decoration with Kimberley Wilson of Mellow Ground

Kimberley Wilson Friday, 1 July 2022

In this interview, we are joined by Kimberley Wilson, a Professional Member and the founder of Mellow Ground, a business that helps creative product-based companies to understand sustainability and regeneration. Kimberley is an incredible artist and print-maker with a passion for sustainability. We took this brilliant opportunity to pick her brains on everything combining her two loves and share her insight into her world of responsible printmaking. 

In this video, you'll learn:

  • about Kimberley's background and love affair with print and sustainability
  • what her design process is like and her preferred design methods
  • some of the discoveries she has made when it comes to sustainability and printing
  • her thoughts on sustainable inks
  • some of the challenges she still faces when it comes to printing sustainably 
  • her top tips for designing prints responsibly
  • a downloadable resource summarising issues within sustainability and print

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