Socko: Reteaching the Lost Art of Darning

Socko: Reteaching the Lost Art of Darning

Emma Mathews Saturday, 1 June 2019

Socks can all too easily fly under the radar when we talk sustainability in the clothing industry. With consumers unlikely to develop a taste for second-hand socks any time soon, the market is in dire need of some well-designed, beautiful socks that won’t be discarded just six months after purchase.

One inspiring new brand challenging throwaway culture is Socko, founded in 2018 by Emma Mathews. Socko’s goal is to prevent socks from being seen as another disposable commodity by encouraging people to cherish their socks. In this video, we find out from Emma what it's like to start a new business in 12 months and find out what she’s learned working with recycled and repurposed fibres for sock production.

Visit Socko's website or follow Socko on Instagram.

In this video you'll learn:

  • The experience of setting up a new business in a year
  • The challenges of working with reclaimed yarns
  • How to appeal to people with a unique and engaging brand
  • How Socko achieves transparency in its supply chain
  • Benefits of equipping customers with the skills to repair their own products
  • Taking a handmade craft into industrial production

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