Outland Denim: Denim To End Poverty

Outland Denim: Denim To End Poverty

James Bartle Tuesday, 1 June 2021

This is a 23-minute interview with Outland Denim's Founding CEO James Bartle, to understand how they use denim production to curb the trafficking of young girls into the $99 billion illicit commercial sex industry. Outland Denim have established an ethical and sustainable denim supply chain by using traineeships to build lifelong careers for survivors of sex trafficking and modern day slavery, and is a business model that also provides support, stability and independence for many who due to poverty do not have the privilege of such feeling.

Watch and listen on for insight on how to use education within fashion and textiles as a tool for lifelong change.

Thumbnail image: Sophie Baker Photography

In this video you'll learn:

  • The shocking extent of human trafficking and the cycles of poverty the issue connects to
  • How Outland Denim supports victims of trafficking and offers them an alternative path through education
  • The revolutionary technologies Outland Denim uses in its manufacturing of denim jeans to minimise their environmenal and social impact
  • Why you'll never find a supplier that is 100% perfect - and what businesses can do to build trust

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