Navygrey: Launching a socially-conscious knitwear label [MEMBER HIGHLIGHT]

Navygrey: Launching a socially-conscious knitwear label [MEMBER HIGHLIGHT]

Rachel Carvell-Spedding Wednesday, 1 May 2019

The complexities of the knitwear industry present several challenges for those entering the market, particularly when aiming for sustainable practices. We had the pleasure of speaking with one of our members, Rachel Carvell-Spedding, who launched her knitwear label in January this year and learnt about how her new business is navigating this tricky industry.

Navygrey is a socially-conscious knitwear label, newly launched by Sustainable Fashion Collective member Rachel Carvell-Spedding. The brand’s concept is focused on "the art of a really great jumper" inspired by one Rachel’s mother bought 20 years ago. Navygrey’s knitwear is formulated on timeless design - there are just three classic styles and four colours to choose from, epitomising the notion that less is more. We hear about how Rachel stays true to her sustainable design and traceable supply chain ethos in the initial stages of establishing her exciting new venture.

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In this video you'll learn:

  • Traceable and sustainable qualities of wool and the supply chain of knitwear
  • Best practice when working with wool manufacturers
  • What it's like to start with a small range, and how to imagine scaling up
  • The processes and decisions a small business owner is faced with in the early days
  • How to work with a PR company and celebrity endorsements
  • Maintaining sustainability down to the details, such as in care labels and packaging
  • The key challenges of launching a socially-conscious knitwear label
  • How Rachel used The Members Club masterclasses to start her business.

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