Mindful Makers Panel Discussion: Sustainability and Style

Mindful Makers Panel Discussion: Sustainability and Style

Charlie Bradley Ross Sunday, 1 July 2018

There is an urgency to the issue of sustainability in the fashion industry. When you hear Swarovski’s sustainability expert saying “our lifestyles are not sustainable”, you know the message is getting through, and brands, large and small, are going to have to start addressing their role in the industry’s darker side: are they part of the problem or part of the solution?

We held a panel discussion with three eco designers and two sustainable fashion influencers, to hear how they hope to encourage customers to shop in line with their values, and how brands can help people to see sustainable fashion as an aspirational lifestyle choice.

In this video, we discover the panel's thoughts on:

  • the design industry; the current fast fashion climate and how to drive change.
  • Where to start with ethical design.
  • The struggles of making footwear ethically.
  • Retailing ethical clothes with a fast-fashion price tag.
  • How to make sustainability more attractive to the masses.

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