Powerful Techniques to Incite Change

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

We are seeing more and more social enterprises emerge into the market, aiming to leave the world in a better place than they found it by disrupting traditional systems and embracing new technologies to drive positive social impact. We have been blown away by the stories of two inspirational leaders in the field: Josh Combes and Scott Harrison. In this video we hear how they have made it their mission to bring about positive change, using new and innovative methods in the process.

Josh Coombes is a philanthropic barber from London, who for three years now has been cutting the hair of people living on the street. He has since founded the social movement Do Something for Nothing which shares stories and videos highlighting the isolation and loss of support felt by the people he meets on the streets. Having gathered over 70k followers on Instagram so far, he demonstrates how social media can be activated as a powerful tool to incite change.

Scott Harrison started out as a nightclub promoter in New York. One day he was hit with the realisation he hated who he had become - so he started a new life, selling everything he owned to spend one year in Liberia where he first witnessed poverty. During his time there, he saw people drinking dirty water, and in some terrible cases, dying from doing so. On learning that only one doctor existed for every 50,000 citizens, Scott set up charity: water with a simple mission: to bring clean and safe drinking water to every human being on the planet. So far, they've brought clean water to 29,000 villages in 26 countries.

In this video you'll learn:

  • The drivers and stages of launching a social movement or non-profit
  • How social media can be activated to change minds and perceptions through storytelling
  • The importance of transparency for attracting donors
  • How to make a living running a social enterprise
  • How taking time for yourself can help avoid burnout

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