Alternative repair methods: Visible mending and the beauty of the broken

Alternative repair methods: Visible mending and the beauty of the broken

Tom Van Deijnan Sunday, 1 March 2020

In the past few years, 'visible mending' has taken off as a craft in its own right, with workshops teaching the technique popping up everywhere, from our favourite retail stores to museums and galleries. Tom van Deijnen, who is better known as Tom of Holland, has been repairing clothes all his life and understands this beautiful, but also highly practical craft better than most.

In this Q&A with the textile artist and visible mending expert, we hear Tom's take on how repairing in this way can encourage greater connections with our clothing and discourage throwaway culture in an era of Fast Fashion.

In this video you'll learn:

  • What is visible mending and how it compares to invisible mending
  • How Tom of Holland picked up the skills he uses to visibly mend and extend the life of clothes
  • The concepts behind Tom's #VisibleMending programme and how he uses his platform to get people to connect with their clothes
  • How design decisions affect the choices Tom makes in mending
  • How visible mending can be used to promote sustainable fashion and even make a difference to Fast Fashion's throwaway culture

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