Greenwashing in fashion: what is it & how can you avoid it?

Greenwashing in fashion: what is it & how can you avoid it?

Charlie Bradley Ross Wednesday, 3 August 2022

A free virtual panel discussion about greenwashing (and how to avoid it) aimed at small, sustainable business owners in the fashion industry

This free panel discussion hosted by The Sustainable Fashion Collective will take you through the different areas you need to consider when it comes to greenwashing and ensure you’re not misleading your customers with deceptive product information.

Join Charlie Bradley Ross from The Sustainable Fashion Collective in discussion with George Harding-Rolls (Changing Markets Foundation) and Sarah George ( for this hour-long virtual event at 6pm on Wednesday 3rd August, with a chance for audience Q&As at the end.

Register via Eventbrite and you’ll receive an email with a Zoom link before the event.

Time & date: 6pm - 7pm, Wednesday 3rd August 2022
Zoom meeting:

  • The link to join and password will be emailed once you have registered (
  • The meeting has a limited capacity and entry will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis, so please arrive early.
  • You will be muted upon entry – please remain muted for the duration of the meeting unless requested.
  • Your video will be turned off upon entry, but please feel free to turn it on.
  • The video will be recorded and available for replays for Professional Members of The Sustainable Fashion Collective.

Charlie Bradley Ross (Director, Offset Warehouse & The Sustainable Fashion Collective)
Charlie is the Director of The Sustainable Fashion Collective, a holistic guidance and expert advice platform for responsible fashion and creative design entrepreneurs. The Sustainable Fashion Collective offers free membership with resources, events and access to a community of like-minded business owners – join here:

George Harding-Rolls (Campaign Manager, Changing Markets Foundation)
George is a Campaign Manager at the Changing Markets Foundation, a Dutch non-profit formed to accelerate solutions to sustainability challenges by leveraging the power of markets. He leads the organisation’s ‘Fossil Fashion’ campaign, exposing the industry’s environmentally disastrous reliance on fossil fuels during the climate crisis as well as the organisation’s latest project, George is also a board member of the Conscious Advertising Network.

Sarah George (Senior Reporter,
Sarah is the Senior Reporter for She is at the front line of sustainable business news, attending key industry events, conducting high-profile interviews and writing in-depth analysis pieces.

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