Fashion Business Networking Session (November 2021: Education)

Fashion Business Networking Session (November 2021: Education)

Charlie Bradley Ross Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Join us for a relaxed networking session with guest speakers and discussions surrounding the ethics and sustainability of the fashion industry.

This will be an IN-PERSON session with limited capacity. You must be a registered member of The Sustainable Fashion Collective Member in order to gain a place. Registration is free: join here.

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Wednesday 17th November 2021, 6.30pm-8.30pm GMT

Old Ship, 3 King Street, Richmond, London TW9 1ND UK

For our 2021 Masterclasses on The Sustainable Fashion Collective we are visiting the Sustainable Development Goals, with a holistic look at how fashion and creative business can play a role in building stronger societies and creating healthy environments through positive solutions.

With COP26 on the way, for this session we are considering how to create collaborative, inclusive and welcoming communities that will allow us as individuals and as businesses to thrive.

This session will look at education and inclusivity, themes that are covered across the majority of the SDGs.

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There will be a 5-10 minute introduction into key issues of the moment, and the floor will be opened up to our guest speakers for a short presentation or debate.

During the session, there will be a few chances for interaction so that we can really listen and learn from one another. Rather than a networking session where you just listen to one speaker, you'll hear from many, and also have the opportunity to take the floor to share your own business.

Our guest speakers will be from a myriad of industries so that we are able to consider fashion and textiles within a wider setting. We will be looking at topics including:

  • reduction of waste, and circularity
  • building nourishing communities of active participants
  • utilising resources to have a positive rather than extractive impact
  • material innovation to support growing populations and the climate crisis

There will be time before and after the event also to network with one another, with us, and with our guests.

We are no longer filming our events due to the nature of the networking vibes, so please do make the time to come along. 


We will be joined by FASHION REVOLUTION. Delphine Williot, Policy and Research Co-Ordinator will be explaining what the Fashion Transparency Index is, and how we can utilise the information in it.


Moderated by both Charlie Bradley Ross, director of Offset Warehouse and The Sustainable Fashion Collective, and Stephanie Steele, the business' marketing and fabric guru.

Ticket cost:

Free to attend, but you must be a registered Member of The Sustainable Fashion Collective to attend: click here to join.

Please book on Eventbrite to secure your space, and we will check that you are a registered Member. You will then receive update email notifications from Eventbrite with event reminders.

It is really important that you cancel your ticket if you are no longer able to attend. This is limited capacity, and in current circumstances, we really want to ensure that we have both a good vibe but also safe protocols.

Where and when:

IN-PERSON - Wednesday 17th November 2021, 6.30pm-8.30pm BST (Event will start at 7pm and the room will stay open for you).

Upstairs in "the Right Upper Deck" at The Old Ship, 3 King Street, Richmond, London, TW9 1ND

Drinks are available throughout the evening. Hearty pub food is served until 10pm, so we encourage you to enjoy dinner before or after the networking. You can find the menu here. It is a cosy room with space to move around.

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Covid protocols:

We will be in a separate room in the pub, but you will need to access the room and toilets via other people. Masks are encouraged while moving around and during the event, but not mandatory. We will have hand sanitiser for your use. Seating will be distanced.

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Old Ship 3 King Street Richmond London TW9 1ND UK