Luxury Artisan Homeware & Fashion Brand + A Big Giveaway

Luxury Artisan Homeware & Fashion Brand + A Big Giveaway

Charlie Bradley Ross Thursday, 22 September 2016

It's always inspiring to hear how brands are formed and the inspiration behind their ethos - and animaná (with a little 'a') are no exception! Their gorgeous fashion and homeware pieces are made from artisanal fabrics, completely composed of natural fibres from Patagonia and the Andes and handmade by communities of local people - just what I'm all about! Here's the incredible founder, Adriana Marina, with their story...

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I was born in Puerto Santa Cruz in Patagonia. I was raised in an amazing place among sheep, horse rodeos, and the sound of nature in its purest form as I became strong in the transforming force that only the Patagonian wind can carry.

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We work within a holistic model

At animaná we make products under the principles of sustainability, respecting the life cycle of the product using a cradle to cradle approach. This approach focuses on avoiding the creation of waste and a fragmented system of manufacturing and use, but instead enter everything in a regenerating cycle, considering the life cycle of the product, not from cradle to grave, but from cradle to cradle. Our commitment is for the long-term, through green manufacturing, the use of natural fibres, ancestral techniques, recycling, and the ecological use of materials. In this way, we promote sustainable design and care for the environment, making the smallest amount of environmental impact possible. This is a rebirth of an ancient art with more than 5000 years of history.

Social Project


Every piece tells the story of the maker

At animaná we understand the truth of the Andes, its wisdom and its secrets. We build bridges whereby cultural knowledge and information can contribute to a more ethical and responsible economy; where a high level of social commitment and the revitalisation of local identity combine to make a richer world. We invite young designers from around the world to work closely with artisan communities, exchanging their experiences and knowledge. animaná collaborates with numerous other organisations and firms, using a network approach.



Authentic natural fibres and natural dyes combine to make timeless products

We strive to produce timeless products which are created in Patagonia and the Andes using the rich local tradition of arts and crafts. These include textiles, home products, and accessories, which exude both quality and comfort. The design of each product allows the raw materials to speak for themselves. We believe in recovering the savoir-faire of our ancestral techniques, while keeping contemporary design aesthetics in mind.

Our Raw Materials

Ancient traditions and techniques.

We work with the finest raw materials from Patagonia and the Andes obtained from animals such as the llama, alpaca, vicuña and guanaco. We also use Patagonian merino wool, a native organic cotton variety which offers a wide range of natural colours, silk, and alpaca metal.

Our supply chain begins with the sustainable breeding of South American camelids, of which we endeavour to protect all species. The camelids roam free in large pastures in their natural habitat in the Andes and Patagonia. Then, using manual processes, they are sheared and the best fibres are selected; a wide variety of colours are chosen, ranging from white and light beige to intense blacks. Artisans spin the fibres by hand and dye them with pigments obtained from native plants, reviving the techniques inherited from our rich history. As a result, the products respect the unique quality of each fibre: their softness, delicacy and comfort. Natural fibres are an excellent renewable resource, being 100% biodegradable and carbon neutral.


animaná has been shaped by a multidisciplinary group of academics, professionals, coordinators, managers, designers, artists and artisans; that is to say, this proposal is made by an exceptional team. The animaná project was recognized by organisations that collaborate with social enterprises, such as BiDNetwork, Ashoka, UNESCO, Hecho x Nosotros, Ethical Fashion Forum (London) and Ethical Fashion Show (Paris), amongst others.

Dominique Peclers, founder of international consultancy Peclers Paris, has been collaborating with animaná since 2008. Committed to the project, she visited the Andes in 2010, where she met with communities, familiarising herself with the animaná production process, from the shearing to the finished product. Peclers also does assessment for animaná, offering her advice on the creation of the collection.

animaná relies on these concepts:

• Fair trade
• Organic raw materials
• Natural fibres
• Recycling of materials
• Ecologic process of resource manipulation
• Recuperation of ancestral techniques
• Sustainable development
• Quality of life for the communities

In order to seal its social commitment, animaná signed the UN Global Compact in 2011 and become B corp certified in 2013. These milestones reinforced animana´s goal of using the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. animaná has grown since then and every year we add new passionate followers of animaná’s experience. The Boutique in Paris is the fruit of much effort and tireless work - but especially means the beginning of a new phase for local communities. Hopefully it is the first of many more boutiques to come.


Own Your Own animaná Throw


To coincide with this fabulous article animaná are giving you lucky Swatchbook readers the chance to win one of their gorgeous throws. The Decicile Throw has substance and style. Made with upcycled fibres this piece fits it's purpose perfectly as a travel throw for lazy days, or snuggley evenings on the couch. Head over to our Instagram Page all you need to do is like and comment the photo to be in with a chance of winning! Closing date: 7th October.


  • 140 x 160 cm / 55 x 63 in
  • 45% Baby Alpaca
  • 40% Wool
  • 15% Other Materials
  • Upcycled Throw
  • Best seller
  • Retail Price: €155.00 EUR

Thousands of hands are working together to propose this different way of thinking, producing and buying textiles from which animaná was born. Find more about animaná on their website: Search @animanaonline on Facebook, Instagram,Pinterest and Twitter for regular updates!


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Every piece tells the story of the maker. @animanaonline

@animanaonline work with the finest raw materials llama, alpaca, vicuña and guanaco and more!!