Beautiful Handwoven Fabrics Back In Stock

Beautiful Handwoven Fabrics Back In Stock

Charlie Bradley Ross Thursday, 11 August 2016

We're thrilled that our hand spun, handwoven fabrics from India are now back in stock.

Aptly timed with the India's "National Handloom Day" on the 7th August, the category "handwoven" textiles encompasses a broad range of woven fabrics. At a very base level, they are formed by interlacing two threads – the warp and weft– using a loom. There are hundreds of different types of looms - from ones operated entirely by hand (like the ones that create these fabrics), to power looms, to electric looms. I wrote a long article explaining how looms work, so I recommend having read if you're interested in learning more.

The art of making fabrics by hand in India declined around 1780, as Britain began exporting machine made yarn and cloth. Ironically, in a role reversal of today's mass-produced landscape, the exporting of these low-cost fabrics hampered the Indian textile industry, causing mass unemployment and hardship. I explored this in my article on the importance of 'Khadi' - where we saw how Ghandi encouraged the nation to adopt hand loomed textiles, as a symbol of unity and pride. Back then, khadi saris were bought by connoisseurs who appreciated the skill and were prepared to pay the cost of the labour required to create these finely hand spun and handwoven items. Their quality far outweighed that of the mass manufactured British textiles, and I believe that's still true today! I, personally, would much rather work with these handwoven masterpieces. Every inch has been crafted by one individual, every thread quite literally tells a story.

People who work with handmade textiles show a true understanding and appreciation for history, diversity and quality of skills, and all the values associated with handcrafted excellence. For me, working with handmade textiles is truly a pleasure and an honour.

Here are the beautiful handwoven fabrics we now have back in stock!

Paperlike Tussah Silk

Paperlike hand woven fabric

Beige Basket Weave Cotton

handwoven fabric 250-C-NDEBasket Offset Warehouse

Soft Black & White Hand Woven Stripe

Hand woven 250-SLBW-BLCKWHTStripeWEB5 Black & White

Black Denim

Hand woven Black Organic Denim - Offset Warehouse

Dark Blue Denim

Hand woven Dark Blue Organic Denim - Offset Warehouse


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