Zero Waste Fashion Designers

Charlie Bradley Ross Monday, 1 July 2019

For the first time, Avantex Paris played host to the Zero Waste Fashion Designers (Z429), a designers' collective from Spain, the Netherlands and Vietnam. Invited by the French label Milan AV-JC, the collection presented by the eleven zero-waste brands was developed in accordance with zero waste design principles, keeping offcuts to a minimum, if at all.

Avantex Paris is the international high-tech and innovative textiles trade show. The show was launched in response to today's consumer desire to reconcile fashion with the changing society they live in. The Zero Waste Design area was set up at the heart of the show in order to showcase innovations that help avoid waste in the industry. 

Here you can watch the full catwalk show that took place at Avantex and take inspiration from the cutting edge, zero-waste designs that went on display.

In this video, you'll see collections from:

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