Launching A Bricks & Mortar Fashion Boutique with Ilona Marasea, founder of Ilona Anthony

Launching A Bricks & Mortar Fashion Boutique with Ilona Marasea, founder of Ilona Anthony

Ilona Marasea Monday, 1 January 2018

We dive into the world of setting up a bricks and mortar fashion retail store. Having already taken a look at the runnings of an interior home furnishing shop, Ilona Anthony gives us her insight into launching her beautiful fashion store in Melbourne, Australia. Ilona is a true inspiration as a granny entrepreneur and shares brilliant tips on how she set up her store and attracts her ideal client.

In this video you'll learn:

  • The advantages of online vs. bricks and mortar
  • The steps to set up a shop
  • About visual merchandising
  • How much funding it takes to open a shop
  • Advice for running a physical shop
  • About items that sell well and upselling tips.
  • Tips for designers who want to be stocked in a bricks and mortar

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