What To Do Before You Launch Your Fashion Business [Checklist]

What To Do Before You Launch Your Fashion Business [Checklist]

The SFC Team Tuesday, 1 March 2022

This is a downloadable checklist to help you discover what to do before you launch your fashion business.

Starting a business is hard, especially if you are launching into something with little or no experience in one area, and the key to keeping any business on track, really, is organisation. One element of this organisation is, for instance, having a calendar to tell you when your taxes are due, or date of trade shows you will be attending, or maybe a weekly planner to note individual tasks and upcoming meetings - these to-do lists are your glaring accountability.

This is where a handy checklist of things to do before you launch comes in. There are so many aspects that it can be difficult to keep track, and when specific timelines are required, you have got to pull in those organisational and time management skills. Because it's on you to be productive, we are instead focussing on what resources you require to get going. You may have already completed one element, yet entirely forgotten something else, and often you may be reliant on others for their services - this is again where organisation and time management plays into how successful you will be when launch day arrives.

So, head below to download the checklist. Pin this up somewhere noticeable to remind you, and get excited rather than overwhelmed by these tasks.

In this downloadable guide, you will receive:

  • A checklist to guide you through the Masterclass, "What to Do Before You Launch Your Fashion Business"

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Next Lesson

  • Your USP and Business Model

    with The SFC Team

    This is part one of What To Do Before You Launch Your Business: Your USP and Business Model. We are uncovering the Foundations Of A Healthy Business, but before you are ready to grow and thrive, you need to launch successfully!

    Your unique selling point or selling proposition is what makes your business different from your competition. So it is integral to get this right from the very beginning, often before you even have a final product or service designed. In this Lesson we will help you discover what your USP is, and how to create one. This launches into how to identify your customer and understand how they buy, because though you may have a great USP, who's going to know if you're in the wrong place? We then dive in to the different types of sustainable business models to guide you in acknowledging where your brand motivation lies, and what your product or service will provide.

    As always, we are joined by industry professionals for expert input and guidance, including fashion consultant Vicki Wallis, Mirela de Lacerda, Sue Barrett, Paris Hodson (STALF), Christine Knott, Saumen Kar, Sam Mabley (Found Hea), Deborah Lynch-Shyllon, Julie Bérubé (Field Of Ponies), Nataliya Makulova, Wendy Batten, Dr. Francesco Mazzarella and Birdsong.

    Firstly, watch the introduction video from Charlie Bradley Ross, where she explains the importance of your USP and selecting a sustainable business model that works for you. Then head into each segment below. Have your What To Do Before You Launch Your Business Checklist handy to make notes and check off what elements of your business you have already completed.