Sustainable Denim Trends

Sustainable Denim Trends

Sylvia Rancani Thursday, 1 April 2021

Sylvia Rancani is the founder of The Denim Window™, a 360˚ showroom based in Amsterdam, that will help you experience what it takes to produce sustainable denim garments. In this bitesize 12-minute lesson, learn from Sylvia's insight on how trends play a role in both understanding your customer and understanding industry innovations, in order to produce garments that will sell.

The Denim Window™ selects premium denim companies each with a unique category, to showcase all of the steps involved in producing a denim garment: from fibre producers and fabric mills, chemical suppliers for your laundry and finishing, to garment makers and trims suppliers. The intention is to give visibility to producers, and engrain transparency in what is a complex sector of the textiles and fashion industries.

So what knowledge can you glean from Sylvia on the current denim industry, and where you as a sustainable fashion designer fit within it?

In this video you'll learn:

  • How the denim industry has changed over the past ten years and how it is tackling its environmental impact
  • About the prevalent fashion trends in terms of style and fabrics for denim at the present time and looking ahead
  • Which fabric blends to choose to achieve more comfortable styles
  • Which sustainable criteria are most in-demand by fashion buyers and consumers

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